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Getting free from an abusive relationship, red flags to look for and books to help

It's hard to understand how an otherwise intelligent woman finds herself in an abusive relationship. Even more puzzling is why she chooses to stay - often for years. If you haven't been in an abusive partnership, then you can't be expected to understand the nuance involved in the abuser/victim dynamic or the strings that keep the victim in place.  But there are highly qualified psychologists that have put it into words that even the non-abused can understand. Dr. Lundy Bankroft is the authority on partner abuse. He wrote the book " Why does he do that ?" and it is extremely helpful for those who have been abused and those that want to understand. Yes, it says HE. Most abusers are men, but not all. I have witnessed many female abusers, and they are just as bad as the men.  But you eventually have to pick a pronoun and move forward if you want to write something cohesive. The book, Why does he do that? is extremely informative. It gives a comprehensive summary of th

Concentration: The Secret of Success by Dr. Julia Seton and calling into question the history of women's rights

History is not dead. In fact, it repeats and recycles itself many times over. I didn't discover this fact until I started reading old books. The way history was taught to us  (American children of the 80s and 90s) was almost guaranteed to keep us as far away from history books as possible. And that's a shame. Old books hold old wisdom. And old books connect us to the "strangers" of the past who, invariably, were exactly as we are now. History is not just names and dates and major events. Shame on the educators who dumb us down in this way.  I encourage you to look up old books on interesting topics. You may be surprised at the people you meet in those stories. You may find something old that is now new.  Today, we are going to discuss a very old book - Concentration: The Secret of Success by Dr. Julia Seton. First published in 1909, it is rare to find this book in original hardcover. I was fortunate to find it at a garage sale and set straight into reading it. The bo