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Does sitting really kill you? A review of "Sitting Kills, Moving Heals."

Sitting is killing you!!!  That's what the book " Sitting Kills, Moving Heals " would like you to believe. But is it true?  As someone who values reading above almost all activities, it struck at my soul when I heard author Joan Vernikos discuss the dangers of sitting on a STEM TALK podcast. Actually, the podcast was about the effect of gravity on human health - but Dr. Vernikos has taken her experience with gravity and extrapolated that to human health here on Earth.  The podcast was quite interesting and lead me to get her book on the topic: " Sitting Kills, Moving Heals "  I went into this book with very high hopes. Human health is one of my major interests, so I love to find little nuggets that fit into that puzzle. I was hoping to take away 1 or 2 little things that would add up over time.  It wasn't news to me that sitting was considered unhealthy. We've all seen the headlines: Sitting is the New Smoking! But was it really as dangerous as smoking.

How to carry money and travel documents while travelling - hidden pocket passport scarf

One of the hardest things about travel is keeping yourself organized. You will need to carry everything with you at all times - but then how can you take pictures, eat, touch things? Do you want to carry a heavy bag everywhere? That gets exhausting!!! And not to mention how easy it is to lose that bag - through pick pockets or getting distracted for a moment. We have been all over the US and all over the world. I found it best to travel with money and personal documents close to my body - and with me at all times. You never know when you will need your ID. Unexpected things happen! We were held hostage by the POLICE in Mexico - just because we were tourists. They demanded $1000. We only had $520. They held us with assault rifles in our faces. Why??? Because we were driving a rental car - obvious tourists. When they saw that $520 was all we had, they took it and let us go.  For the rest of the trip, we had no cash. We were limited to places and activities that would accept credit card.