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Way over 40 and the most fit of my life - Who would have thought??

This weekend, I went skiing for the first time in 21 years. Is skiing like riding a bike? Can you take years off and go back to it with no problem? According to my younger sister, the answer is yes. But she has always been athletic and is a good skier. I was apprehensive because it had been so long and, truth be told, I was never good at skiing. I used to ski every winter as a child but I spent the whole time trying not to die. It was always a scary and out of control experience for me. I went for the last time when I was 22 and I remember going down on my butt for most of the hills. Not impressive. So when my sister came into town and said she wanted to go skiing - I was nervous. I was going again after all these years and we were bringing along 4 kids who had never skied before. How was I going to manage it all? Swimmingly - it turns out.  Because a lot has changed in 21 years.  I went down sort of wild the first time, but not too bad.  Then I breezed down the hills like a champ. I e