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Vintage Weird Stuff For Sale - a list of cool and funny things to buy on ebay, amazon and more!

Weird Wild Stuff To Buy Online - all the things you never new existed and you didn't know you wanted  Every so often, we will put up a list of the craziest oddities, the wild, weird, creepy things you can find online. These are things you may never see in real life. They are rare and unique. Sometimes stupid. Sometimes surprisingly useful.  We find them for you - you laugh and gasp and maybe buy some of them! Hurrah! Let's dive in to some of the weird and wild stuff for sale this month. #1.Vagina Underwear How else can you describe this. These are underwear that look like you aren't wearing any. They look like the female anatomy - exposed! Yowza. Who is buying these ? Or who can you buy them for and have a roiling laugh!?? #2.Paper Christmas Carolers Not quite as wild as the last entry, but still quite odd. Do you want paper people on your mantel? Apparently you do, at the time of this article this item had 8 watchers #3.Real Human Teeth We are back to the crazy and creepy

Using the RotoShovel for planting bulbs, trees, flowers, and garden vegetables - a review and opinion

We have been digging in the dirt for over 4 decades. Through clay, sand, frozen ground, rocky gravel, and wet muck. It never gets easier, but the right tool can make the job so much more enjoyable. We have been gardening in clay for the last few years, and only recently bought a farm in the sand plains. It is so much easier to dig in the sand, but after the 100th tree or 1000th bulb, it still gets tiring. And the sand can be surprisingly difficult when roots, lawn, grass, and compaction get involved. Shovels and a hand trowel garden tool made up our tool kit for a long time. Then we discovered the a bulb planter . We have a short and long handled bulb planter. As stupid as they look (and so simple!!) that tool was a game changer. The right tool can make such a difference. We recently discovered the rotoshovel - an electric auger and shovel all in one! A power spade shovel! It just may be the BEST BULB PLANTER. We were super excited to give this automatic electric shovel a try - then wi