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Are Vintage Christmas ornaments worth money?

Are Vintage Christmas Ornaments Worth Money? The short answer is YES. There is a market for almost everything these days. Thanks to the internet, most of the 7 + billion people on this planet can reach each other in one form or another. There are a zillion platforms for reaching your potential buyer, and with the right search words, the person that wants your homemade reindeer ornaments from the 1980s can be found! Having said that - there are a few types of ornaments that are more popular than others. Really old ornaments If you can prove your ornaments are really old, say early 1900s or even 1800s, then there is definitely a market that would be interested. These are most often handmade or produced in short quantity so having them would be rare indeed. 1950-2000s Most of us are likely to come across more recent "vintage" ornaments. The 1980s are really hot right now, especially the brassy mid-century modern retro decor that flooded the 80s. Recognizable characters like the

How to find, identify and buy Vintage Costume Jewelry Online

Remember the good old days, when you had to visit flea markets and estate sales in the hopes of finding vintage jewelry and other treasures? Those days are gone or rather, they have been enhanced. If you like the thrill of the hunt, you can still stop by the sales and hope to find something amid the fray. But thanks to the internet, you no longer have to trudge through the huge bulk of goods or rely on luck to find "that one piece."  Now there is ruby lane, etsy, facebook, craigslist, mercari and so many others. Like check out these gorgeous KJL clip on vintage earrings .  I found these quickly - just by searching on ebay. I wanted clip on earrings for my mom - turquoise and rhinestones. She's a fan of KJL. A few clicks and they were found. Vintage jewelry can be worth a lot of money. Most people  don't know what they have in their jewelry drawer. Oh, that's just some old junk. No, it's not. It's worth something - maybe a lot, especially to collectors. Her

Gorgeous - Vintage 2003 - Nativity Snow Globe

Check out this beautiful Nativity Snow Globe. Traditional styling. Small enough to fit on a shelf but large enough to make a statement. Find it on ebay.  Comes in original box and features the Holy family plus the 3 wisemen (the three kings.) Nativity snowglobe Video will open in a new window Using the mobile app? Copy this link into your browser: The links in this post may be affiliate links and products are often received for review purposes. Read the full disclosure and the privacy policy.