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Easton Press Books 100 Greatest Books Ever Written List - Where, How, and Why to Buy Them

Why do we read books? The short answer is because we find them interesting, either for pure entertainment or to learn something. The long answer is more complicated. We are very fortunate that our ancestors developed tools for writing and saving information. Every generation builds on the next and we very much stand on the shoulders of giants when we take the time to learn from those that came before us. If you are just delving into historical books and wondering where to start, the Easton Press 100 Greatest Books Ever Written list is a great place to begin. This is a compendium of fiction and nonfiction writings and contains some of the world's best literature. All are part of their limited collector's editions. You will get a well rounded look at history, life, psychology, and philosophy. Which Books of the Easton Press Books are in the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written List? This list actually has over 140 books. Over the years, they published many different groups of "1