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The Cat Litter Box Supplies You Need

What do you need for your new cat? Just a few things actually. You should bring home your kitten at 8 weeks old or just a little after - so it had plenty of time to wean from it's mother. But whether you are starting with a little kitty or an older cat, the supplies are the same. We put together a list of the top essentials.
kitties in basket - sisters

Cat Litter Box Supplies 

Here we have a list of the top 5 litter box needs. The top 3 are essential. The last 2 are luxuries, but you will find they improve your experience tremendously.

#1.Large Litter Box

You need a large litter box. Yes, cats vary in size, but the reason you need a larger box has more to do with how cats use the litter box than their heft. Little short hairs and big kitty Maine Coons can both use this box. The sides are nice and high - just as you need them, to prevent kitty from peeing over the edge and onto the wall. Males and females both spray when they urinate, so a high sided box is not optional. These are the best litter box for multiple cats because they are easy to access and clean.

#2.Arm & Hammer Litter

This litter is the best performer! It creates the least dust, is the best clumping, and has the most smell control. The smell or urine is contained by the arm &hammer baking soda, so it's not a toxic to you or your pets.  We have 4 cats and this is our go-to litter.

#3.The Scoop

This is not the place to go cheap. You will be using this scoop every single day for years. It has to perform and it has to stand up to the challenge. You want a sturdy, tough scoop with a solid handle. There is nothing worse than a scoop that breaks while you are digging out diarrhea.

#4.Concealed Litter Box Furniture

This is a luxury item. It will make your litter box area look so much nicer and contain a lot of the litter kitty is destined to kick from the box. It's not essential, but if you can swing it you will be grateful for it. The best place for the cat litter box is somewhere out of the way - a laundry room, a hallway, a tucked away corner.

We had one of these boxes at first, but ended up building a large 4 cat enclosed furniture piece. We enjoyed the look, but we also felt that our cat enjoyed the privacy. Our first cat did not enjoy being watched while she used the toilet! One other thing to consider - spraying. This is the best litter box option for male cats and cats who pee outside the box since any spraying should stay inside the box and be easier to clean.

#5.Self Cleaning Litter Box

Another luxury but SO. WORTH. IT. We went to one of these when we had just 2 cats. It's fantastic for 1-2 cats. But again....4 cats yo! This is a savior if you still want to travel when you have pets or if you work a lot of hours. You will have no worries about litter smells or coming home to find your cat has pooped on the floor because she was angry about the state of the litter box. This is the best litter box for picky cats since it will always be clean and they are less likely to refuse the box over cleanliness.

Feeding and Grooming Supplies

Cats are really easy pets. Aside from the litter gear, you really only need some food bowls and a few grooming tools. 

#1.Food Bowls

A raised cat dish is really nice. It puts the food at a more comfortable eating height. Stainless steel, glass, or ceramic are the only bowls you should use for cats. If you give them water or wet food in a plastic bowl, they will get feline acne. It's actually an infection.  Dry food can go into a plastic bowl, but it's safer to just stick with stainless or glass.

This is where you can decide to be practical or have a little fun. You can have all matching bowls or get something whimsical. We had little fish shaped bowls when we first started. But now that we have 4 cats, we have a set of 8 interchangeable stainless steel bowls in a raised platform.

#2.Water Bowls

We use dog bowls for our water bowls because they are much larger. We have two bowls for our 4 cats and I think they appreciate having options. But you never know when kitty will drink a lot or a little, and in the summer the water evaporates pretty quickly. It's best to have a set of large bowls and to swish them out or swap them out daily. Just as with food, only use stainless steel, ceramic or glass.


Only buy a few toys for your kitty. A mouse like toy, a dangley fishing rod type, a laser pointer, and maybe some little jingle balls. You could go over board here and buy way too many. Your cat will have a preference, and will boldly ignore all others. Try a few and then stick with the type she likes. Cats also love free stuff - boxes, milk tops, ribbons, and balls made from old aluminum foil.

#4.Nail Trimmer

Please don't declaw your cat. We have 4 cats and our furniture is still intact because we trim our cats nails each month. It's easier than you think and if you pair it with a treat, cats will even come to be clipped when you call for them. Alternatively, you could put soft paws on your cats. You can see our first kitty in softpaws oh so many years ago.

#5.Cat Comb

This comb is the only one loved by all 4 of our cats. We have 1 long haired Siberian cat, and 3 short haired. They all love this come and consider it bonding/love time. Only the Siberian really NEEDS the combing, but they all enjoy the attention.

Now you have the main tools to take care of your new cat. Most of them are super affordable, and won't take up much space in your home. They are long lasting tools and will make your time with your cat so much better. Enjoy the new addition to your family!

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