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Lemon balm (Melissa herb) for anxiety

This summer, I made a startling discovery regarding Melissa herb. I think it healed my anxiety. I had been growing this herb for years. It's bright green and smells divine. So I put it in my pots - just for the loveliness of it. But the last few years had been really tough for me. Chronic stress, unfortunate events, and just the accumulation of life lead me to experience anxiety for the first time in my life. At first, I didn't know what was wrong. The first thing I noticed was heavy legs and a lack of stamina. Then it seemed I couldn't quite catch my breath. I tried to stop and pay attention to my breathing and determined I was breathing really quick and short. This went on for months. I kept thinking it would just go away. I didn't know it was anxiety. It was worse when I was with "stressful" people. I had trouble sleeping. I started grinding my teeth at night. I had a headache on most days. Then one night, I was lying in bed and I realized "I co

Can you wash a cat with dish soap?

Can you wash a cat with dishwashing soap? Even if you can, should you? What about human shampoo? Is pet shampoo the only option? As someone who has 4 cats, let me offer my advice... 3 of my cats in the window Let's start at the beginning.  Do Cats need baths? When should you bathe a cat? The answer is almost never. One of my cats is a long haired siberian so she occasionally gets "dread locks" on her rear. She sometimes needs baths for sanitary reasons. The only other reason you should wash your cat is if he is gotten into something, became muddy, or has moved in from outdoors. 3 of our cats are rescues. Two are sisters that were abandoned by a dying neighbor (the two cats in the left side of the window). The last addition just showed up at our door, cold and hungry. Here's a video of all 4 of our cats at breakfast time. 6am is serious around here! Okay, back to bathing cats. Yes you can use dishwashing soap, but should you? It will, in fact clean your