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Jawdy Goes on a Diet

In the summer of 2018, 3 feral cats started coming around our home. Two of the cats were clearly sisters. They played, slept and ate together willingly. They were more hostile toward the third cat. She proved willing to use a litter box and she moved into our home around November. The other two cats lived in our porch. They are all still with us, but Jawdy (the cat who moved indoors) has put on weight. She came to us at about 12 pounds and was voraciously hungry. Our current indoor cat was able to free feed and has never had weight issues . Getting them to acclimate to each other and not fight over food was challenging. We made some mistakes and Jawdy ballooned to 15.1 pounds. Now that they are accustomed to each other, we have taken away the free-feeding option. They now get breakfast at 6am. Dinner at 5pm. They have their bowls available for a 2 hour window and then the food disappears. Jawdy was snacking throughout the day and night. Finishing whatever both cats had left behind