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The meaning of life: how it all works and why

Ever wondered why we are here in the first place? What is the meaning of life and what the hell are we doing? I have an idea.... Maybe it's a blessing or maybe it's a curse, but I routinely remember at least 4-5 long-form dreams every night. Sometimes these dreams are prophetic. Most often, the dreams are very specifically tied to my life. They are traumatic 90% of the time. I've learned a lot by analyzing my dreams, but their "realness" also haunt me. In waking life, I am unable to "imagine" pictures in my mind. What a disappointment to discover that a large portion of the population, can  "see" inside their mind. We are so oddly unique. In contrast, my dreams are almost as real as waking life. I can see, touch, smell, feel, hear. I am "me" most of the time. Rarely, I play all the characters in the dream. I do not do fantastical things like flying, walking through walls or exploring mythical realms (except on the extremely rare