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The new - updated - Bucket List - 10 years in the making

Way back in 2009, I wrote out my bucket list . There were 58 must-do's and 15 maybes. Here is the original list - with finished items crossed out. 1. Finish the Tour du Mont Blanc 2. Visit the Green and Black sand beaches of Hawaii 3.  Swim with Dolphins 4. Swim in a hot spring heated by volcanoes 5. Ride in a hot air balloon 6. Have so many berries that I have to give them away 7. See the Glaciers in Alaska 8. Leave a legacy of joy and contentment 9.  Notarize my will 10. Never stop saying I love you (it's easy to forget) 11. See the pyramids and see the Nile 12. Forgive my mom 13. Pick an olive and eat it 14. Hug a super old tree at Yosemite and/or Redwood national park (then my husband can legitimately call me a  tree hugger) 15. Explore the mammoth caves 16. Stop swearing and yelling 17. Marvel at the Grand Canyon (again) 18. Grow a peach tree 19. Teach an aerobics class 20. Ride on a gondola in Italy (sort of - we went to Italy and the gondola ride wa