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Suffer from head aches? Maybe the headache hat can help?

All headaches are painful, but migraines can be particularly damaging. The pain comes on strong, lasts for hours (even days) and is difficult to treat. Two members of our family suffer regular migraine attacks. We have done all sorts of things to limit the severity: addressing/preventing triggers, using pre-emptive medicine, and giving them time to wait out the symptoms. Now we have another tool to help. The Headache Hat ! By looking at the photo to the left, you can see exactly how it works. It wraps around your head (as snug as you want it) and blocks light from your eyes. There are flexible ice packs built inside so if you put this in the refrigerator or freezer you can also benefit from the hat's cooling abilities. My husband gave this hat a try and felt that the  ability to snug the hat tight on his head was very helpful to him during his migraine attacks. The cooling is also helpful, but we didn't have it frozen at the time of his attack. My daughter needs