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eShakti FX Custom - NOW available on #Amazon

Women are finding some of the best clothing online. Unique, tailored, and shipped to your door! Personally, I've had a great experience ordering custom clothing from eShakti and now it's available on Amazon . Have you ever found the perfect dress....well, almost perfect. Maybe if it had a boat neck instead of a collar?  Or what if it was just a little bit shorter? That's what you get with the eShakti FX Custom option. See the photo of the dress above - those are all modifications of the same dress. You choose your size (and eShakti is fantastic about sizing FOR WOMEN - with really detailed size charts) and then modify it the way you want. All while you are already shopping for your regular stuff on Amazon. Check out the eShakti page  and come back here to tell me which item you bought! From now until 2/27/2019 - SAVE 30% when you use this promo code:  30FXONAMAZON