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A Rant About Walmart - How it went from worst to first to third in our household

Love it or Hate it - Walmart is a fixture of our daily lives. Read on to hear how Walmart went from an infrequent stop, to our number one store, and back to the sidelines. Once upon a time, I used to shop for groceries based on which store had the best produce department. Fresh fruits and vegetables are important to me, and they are expensive - even more expensive if they end up in the trash... Then my husband lost his job and I looked for any way to cut costs - so I started using coupons and driving to multiple stores to get the "best deals." It was an educational experience! During this time, I frequented 2 or 3 stores per week. I may have shopped at Walmart once every 3 or 4 months to buy paper towels, cat litter...stuff like that. But groceries were my main spend and Walmart was never part of the rotation. Eventually, our local Walmarts became "super centers" and started carrying more food. Their produce was abysmal so I avoided shopping there. Then I s