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Best and Fastest way to pick up acorns, pecans, and other nuts!

2018 was a mast year for acorn production. It probably stems from the droughts we had in 2017 and 2018 - both winter, spring, and summer. What it we have acorns all over our yard. Now, acorns are great fun. ( click here to see how we made pancakes out of our northern red oak acorns ) Acorns also feed wild turkeys, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, mice, and other wildlife. As great as they are, they really mess up your lawn. They make the ground "bumpy," acidify the soil, and generally weaken the lawn. My children and I would sit on the ground and pick up acorns for hours. We could easily collect multiple 5 gallon buckets of acorns each year. It was a frustrating process. Then I saw someone pick up pecans with a nut weasel and wondered if it could be used for acorns. The answer is YES. We bought the medium sized nut weasel. We have rather large acorns - northern red oak and the weasel was able to quickly and easily pick up every single one. Now, it did have tro

Type A deodorant Review - Do natural deodorants really work?

How does Type A deodorant stack up? Does it work? Is it really natural? What's the big deal anyway? Is conventional deodorant safe to use? Does aluminum cause Alzheimer's disease? Do natural deodorants work? These are all questions I have asked. Lucky for you, I have tested all of these theories. I once went almost a whole year without wearing conventional deodorant - you can read about the first 7 months here . Around a year of "no deodorant" my husband frankly told me to start using it again. So do natural deodorants work? Yes and no. They can help a lot with odor, but they almost always do nothing for sweating.  I found that over time, my body almost became "resistant" to the natural products and would hold a certain level of smell. I would use clay masks under my arms ( dead sea mud to be exact) to detox and remove the ingrained scent so I could start again with my natural deodorant regimen. To be fair, when I was using conventional deodorant,

Stop throwing away lettuce, make your berries last longer, make your food healthier!!

It's not uncommon to find myself throwing out lettuce or spinach that I JUST opened a day or two earlier. It is beyond frustrating. Because of this, I rarely buy greens at the store. I grow my own and eat them only in season - from the ground to the table - and that's it. As you can imagine, there are pluses to this method but also major downfalls. No spinach/lettuce/greens from August-May, except for a few microgreens I manage to eek out of my window pots. As luck would have it, I came across the site of a very proactive mom that was trying to germ-free her home. Mostly viruses but also bacteria. I learned a lot from this lady - about laundry, germs in the sink, on the countertops, and even in bagged greens. Wow! If you want to saunter down that rabbit hole - here info is here: It turns out the triple washed spinach is still teeming with bacteria - and that's why it gets gross after just a day or two of being opened. Sad stuff.