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Making Dried Flower Bouquets from Black Eyed Susans

This week we have been busy gathering black eyed susan flowers . I am attempting to dry them out and turn them into a beautiful bouquet or unique stems to accent a dried flower centerpiece.   They are so bright and cheery when they are fresh. They apparently keep as a cut flower for at least 6-10 days. That's sounds great, but I'm not sure about the drying results. They turned out a little haggard in my opinion. Any advice? This is all new to us so I would love any tips or tricks. Please comment below. The links in this post may be affiliate links and products are often received for review purposes. Read the full disclosure.

How to kill japanese beetles that are eating your plants!!

The Best Way to Kill Japanese Beetles - Easy and Without Touching Them! Japanese beetles are always defoliating my beans, raspberries and linden trees. For years, I would go around my plants and smoosh the bugs between my fingers. Gross, I know and only marginally effective. Why? Because Japanese beetles jump off the leaves just as you are about to squeeze them. There has got to be a better way....and there is! Today I came home to find JBs defoliating my cherry tree. They were literally destroying it. So I grabbed a little bucket, put in a drop or two of soap and filled it halfway with water. The water just has to be barely soapy. You can see by my pail that there wasn't even suds. I did this for a while and at first I maybe caught only 25% of the bugs I went after. I was tapping the tree with a paint brush to get the bugs to fall off. Some would fall but the rest would fly away. By the end, I had perfected it and was getting 80% of the bugs I went after. The trick - just

Linden : Basswood Tea - How to make it, what it tastes like, is it healthy?

The Linden (also called Basswood) tree is full of benefits. It's a big gorgeous, native tree that produces heart shaped leaves and oodles of highly scented blossoms. Bees love this tree! People always ask me if I have ever made tea from the linden flowers and until this summer, I hadn't.   How do you make it? Super easy - just gather the blossoms and steep in hot water for 5-10 minutes. Easy. It's a pretty yellow colored tea and tastes almost exactly like red raspberry leaf tea and all other "natural" teas except that it has a very floral scent. The scent is pretty but it's overwhelming. I saved some of the flowers (I just left them to dry on the counter and they were dry within a few weeks) to use in the winter, but I prefer the more neutral scent of red raspberry leaf tea and probably won't use linden tea again unless I find out it has amazing health benefits. I will save the blossoms for the bees. The links in this post may be affiliate links and

At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work? - I review a kit for Sensitive Teeth

My teeth have given me trouble my entire life. There was the usual crowding and crooked teeth to deal with, but I also have the odd issue of late tooth development. When I was 2, I didn't have any teeth and my parents were super worried. The dentist took x-rays to be sure I even HAD teeth. Slowly, over the years I started to get teeth. While my first grade friends were losing their first baby teeth, I was still getting mine.  This set up a ton of insurance related nightmares as they would only cover "age appropriate" procedures and my age was always too old for my tooth development. *Sighs* Most of this is stuff I just have to deal with, but when I came across the Smile Brilliant kit, I thought I might have a chance to make my smile a little brighter.  I have purchased home whitening kits and have not been happy with them. They usually come with big football guard mouth kits and are super uncomfortable.  Hands down - I have to say the best thing ab