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Change your perspective, Change your Story, and the true meaning of extroversion/introversion

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to you is this: understand that not everyone thinks like you. They do not see the world the same, they have not had the same experiences, and they do not remember/keep the same things. Consider the responses of witnesses to crimes. Whenever there are multiple witnesses, there will be multiple stories. They may have similarities, but they will be markedly different. I attended a rural high school - with about 100 people in my graduating class. Growing up in a small community,  everyone knows everyone. They know your parents, your history, and every mistake you've ever made. It's kind of a drag. But what they think they know is often wrong. I left my hometown the day before my 17th birthday and set off for the "big city" to go to college and start my life. A few years after high school graduation, my mother ran into a girl from my class and she asked about me. This girl was someone I knew (of course, since there were

Wild Strawberries are gross and other lies from the internet

Once upon a time, I used to read wild foraging books. They were full of all sorts of tales - lies actually. It seemed every book parroted the same false information. As a regular woodland forager, I am very aware of what is edible and have tried almost all the wild plants you can eat (with some plants still to be found...) So I gave up on foraging books - with the exception of Sam Thayer's books because he actually eats the things he writes about, he lives/forages in a northern climate, and his information is accurate. wild strawberries - see how little they are? One of the most outrageous lies has to do with eating milkweed pods. I have eaten these on multiple occasions and they are actually one of my favorite wild edibles. Most books say they are bitter and require a minimum of three boilings. Hogwash. So it was not at all surprising to read every book glow about how great wild strawberries taste. My experience was that they were not worth picking. On two separate occa