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Cultivating Mushrooms, Collecting Herbs, and Table Top Distilling - Book Reviews

Just yesterday I lugged myself through the grocery store. Though I am grateful for the ease and convenience, it just doesn't compare to picking/growing fresh produce in your own backyard. So I am thrilled to add 3 new books to my collections for doing just that! The first book that showed up on my doorstep was Mushroom Cultivation - an illustrated guide to growing your own mushrooms at home.  This book is a great overview of which mushrooms to grow at home and how to go about doing it. It's pretty slim and easy to read. It goes over which trees to use - and tree identification. I am a fan of the information and the pictures! Now to get the ambition to break into the mushroom world.... The second book was The Homesteader's Herbal Companion . This book also has great pictures - and how-to's and recipes for making salves, essential oils, and medicines. It even has a forward by Joel Salatin! I am in agreement with most of the herbs in this book, but as an active forager