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Forty Things I Wish I'd Told My Kids - Book Review

What is your role as a parent? Most parents would agree on a few of the important issues - keeping your child safe, feeding them, etc. But not everyone things about the end game. What is your actual role? Is it to be their life long friend, cheerleader, coach? My thought is that it's most important to prepare them to stand on their own - all the rest is extra. Of course you should cheer them on, be the shoulder to cry on, give them a boost, feed them.... And then there is adulthood. Scary for some people - those who are not prepared. Prepare them by making sure they know how to function on their own and are confident in who they are. That's where a book like  Forty Things I Wish I'd Told My Kids comes in. You know - it's actually a good book for anyone, but really important for preparing children. What is it? It's a book about life. Things you should know. Advice on how to enjoy life more - to be your best self. It's a very quick read. The chapters are