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Is there a God? Who the hell are we? The story of humanity - a review of the book Sapiens

Last year, the book Sapiens came across my screen and I put it on my Christmas list. Long story short...I just finished reading the book. It's a good one to read, but it's not all inclusive. I guess I just expected more from it, but with every book I read I try to take away at least one nugget of new knowledge. From the book Sapiens - I take an all encompassing/big picture view of humanity from start to finish. And finish is the new aspect. My interpretation of the book's message was that we are destined or are evolving to become ONE. We started out as many tribes - maybe thousands but at least 11. This has been known for a long time. Following the haplotypes (mitochondrial dna lines - always passed down from mother to child,) we know that were at least 7-11 original mothers. No Eve. Eve(S). At least 7-11. Not every human being has been typed. In fact a very small percentage of the human race has been genetically sequenced. We may find that there were 100 original mo

On the Hunt for the PERFECT bath towels!

As we age, we tend to learn more and more about the basic things in our life. I always thing - wow, if I had only known this when I was twenty... But there is no way to know it when you are younger unless you had very experienced parents that took the time to teach you the nitty gritty behind it all - and they had great parents and so on. One of the things I have really improved upon in the last year is clothing management. Sounds crazy....but after 4 decades, I can finally wash clothes well enough to tackle almost any stain. I am much better at picking out quality, long lasting, and well fitting clothes, and am so much better at getting rid of the clutter/garbage that used to swamp my closet. I also do a much better job with keeping our sheets and blankets washed and buying only quality blankets. For some reason, we had so many " bed in a bag " sets that turned to garbage after just a few washings. Not anymore! Now our beds have good quality washable wool blankets and do

Perfect Planting! Seeding Square Review

It's just about that time!!! Actually, if you are in a warmer climate - it probably IS that time!Time to start the garden. It's the most exciting time of the year... I am a few months from planting the garden but I've already put out my winter sown seeds. And I am anxious to use the Seeding Square when I plant my greens, peas, and beans this spring! You can use it for more than just those plants, but those are the only seeds I'll be planting this spring. So what is the Seeding Square? It's a perfect 1 foot square with a guide for each type of seed you want to plant (at the appropriate spacing.) I've been gardening for years and I've done it all sorts of ways. I've tried just putting down seeds anywhere and I've tried being organized. When you are organized, you have better results and it looks so much nicer - but it's not easy!! Soil is dark and crumbly and movable - and seeds are small! It's almost impossible to remember where the

Grain Free Granola Review - #KitchFix #granola #paleo #breakfast #cereal #honestreview #ad #productreview #sponsored

We are all trying to eat healthier these days. In our house, we have started to limit the amount of grains we eat. Why? Because our diets are dominated by grains. It's an unfortunate truth. With all the diversity in the world, we should let one food group dominate our diet. Limiting grains has been harder than expected. They predominate all of the grocery store foods - and the foods we grew up eating. Take granola, for instance. That usually contains oatmeal, right? Or puffed rice. We were very fortunate to come across some grain-free granola mixes by Kitchfix. We sampled the  original mix  and the  honey pecan . The first thing I did was read the ingredients. All whole - real food products and no grains. Like any granola, it is a high energy food - but it made for a tasty breakfast and/or snack around our household. I preferred to eat it milk but it was also good plain. It was really tasty and very filling. I didn't miss the oats at all. Honestly, since granola is