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Will I have a hard time getting pregnant? 3 questions to ask your mom

Are you the type of daughter who can talk to your mother about anything? Or are you the type that avoids speaking to your family as much as possible because of being a subject to a lot of drama? Or are you in an unfortunate situation with being on non-speaking terms with your parents? If you are no longer talking to your mother due to the fact that she had narcissistic qualities and she was too toxic to be around, then, unfortunately, you cannot approach her about anything. You did the right thing by cutting her out in that case. Sadly, as a result, you will not know whether or not you could potentially have a hard time getting pregnant, genetically speaking, if she did. However, if you are speaking to your mother whether you share everything with her or you speak to her once in a while, and if you are thinking about getting pregnant, you need to ask her if she had difficulty conceiving. Because if your mother did have trouble, or had a history of miscarriages then, unfortunatel