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Conversations with God - A Review of the first 2 books

Last week, I read through both of the first two Neale Donald Walsch Books :  Conversations with God . There are 4 in total, but after book 2, I'm not going to read any further. In this review, I'll explain why. I'm  a voracious reader, and I consider myself pretty in tune with my spiritual side. I like to read other people's spiritual experiences - both to compare with my own and to learn from them. So when I came across Conversations with God (CWG from here on out) in a forum, I decided to check it out. I read through the first book with some enthusiasm - but kept a notebook with me to write down inconsistencies and concerns. I did the same with the second book. Here are my thoughts on the book: 1. Most of the things mentioned in CWG -1 are consistent with my own spiritual experiences. Most of CWG-2 is divisive and not consistent with history or my own experiences. 2. Some of the things mentioned are consistent with ancient teachings and conventional/n

Clean up your Water - Zero Water Review

Ever wonder about what's in your tap water? It's scary to think about - but the answers are quick to find. Almost every major municipality keeps their records open to the public and are just a quick google search away. If you have a well, then it's a good idea to buy an inexpensive water testing kit and have a look. We happen to have both scenarios. We live in the suburbs with a municipal tap (loaded with chlorine and fluoride, but low on contaminants) and we own a farm with well water. The well is pretty clean, but does have higher than wanted levels of nitrates. That happens in farming communities. Even still, I am not one to want to drink any contaminants - in trace or large quantities, so I was more than happy to test out the Zero Water pitcher . It's a pour through pitcher that filters tap water directly. We are using this in our farm cabin. It takes a while for the water to filter - no big deal if you fill it up and walk away, but a bit irritating when yo

How to Sell your Clothes at Clothes Mentor and Platos Closet

How much does Plato's closet pay for jeans and other clothes? What about Clothes mentor? Do they take bras? I went to find out, and this is what happened.  Last month, I went from store to store - selling my unwanted clothes. I went to Clothes Mentor, Plato's Closet, Style Encore, Once upon a Child, and two local resale boutiques. My experience was eye-opening! I was cleaning out my closets and pulling things for my sister to look through. She wanted a few things, but by the time we went through it all, I realized I had a whole bunch of stuff I didn't want. I wasn't motivated to put it back in the closet, so I thought I'd give re-sale a try. I loaded 3 extra large laundry baskets with clothes. I folded them all up and carried them off to the stores. Because I had never sold at any of the resale shops before, I decided to bring only my "best" stuff. More than half of the stuff still had tags, and all of them were brands like Ann Taylor, Eddie Ba

Healthy Eating - the Power of Food

The food we eat, more often than not, has an impact on the health of our bodies. This is why we should be proactive about what we eat and how we prepare our foods. Luckily, there are many things we can do to take an active stance in promoting better health through nutrition. Bake, Grill, or Broil Meats One of the best things that you can do to improve your nutritional health is to avoid eating a lot of fried foods. There are alternatives. You can broil or bake fish and chicken. If you'd like to spice things up, you can grill your meats as well. The way you cook foods can either deduct from the nutritional benefits of the food or increase the nutritional value. Reduce Excess Fats Pay attention to the oils that you cook with. It's also a good idea to read labels on the food packaging. There are many things you can do to be proactive in this area. Keep in mind that your fat intake includes butter, sour cream, and even salad dressings. Many people overlook these areas. Inst