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Halloween Candy - The good, the bad, and the ugly

Halloween has always meant one thing to me....candy. We went out in the 1980-90s blizzards, slogging through knee deep snow, freezing in homemade costumes, spurred on by a burning desire for bags of candy! It seems most of my childhood was motivated by candy. I am drawn to it, and I still really like it. But that begs the question....why do we like it? And who does it benefit? In the pre-industrial years, poor people would spend any discretionary income on candy and sweets, forgoing more healthy fare. Why? Because it gives a quick dopamine rush, and to people that have very little pleasure in their lives, just a bit is enough and it calls to them. And big food knows it. They use it against us to drive their profit margins! Think about it - every holiday involves sweets, candies, treats. All require shopping and spending money. Is eating candy inherently bad? No. But it's not good either. It is devoid of nutrients, save for calories. Calories are important and necessary, b

My 2nd Lucid Dream - What I've learned, How to do it, and What it means....

It was almost one year ago that I had my first lucid dream. Thankfully, I blogged about it , so I have a preserved record of what happened and when. I can cross check my memory and have the truth. It turns out, my memory of the event is exactly as I wrote. I have not embellished or changed details in my mind. Perhaps because it was such a striking and unusual experience - or because only a year as passed. I was so afraid to go to sleep after that experience. The unknowns. The possibilities. The spirit world.  All of it made the idea so terrifying. But then nothing happened. I dreamed like normal and never went lucid again. Until the other night when I had my second lucid experience. It was very similar but very different. Having just checked the date of my first lucid dream, I'm starting to wonder about both happening mid-late October and hope it's not annual event. After my second lucid dream, I am no longer afraid and I would like to continue. Here are the details: I