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Orange Screw - Review of its use on our farm

Last fall we bought a 40 acres and set to work  rebuilding it into a research farm. We spent a lot of time cleaning it up - removing old debris and digging up metal. We planted over 100 trees. It was for this reason, I planned to use the Orange screw . We have sandy soil, and I was certain our trees would blow over in the wind (heck - the trees were planted as a windbreak!!)  Amazingly, they didn't and they didn't need staking. Then we went through a series of canopy adventures where I was certain I would use the screws. I forgot about them during the process and decided to use the stakes that came in the canopy kits.  Our canopy(s!!!) pulled out of the ground and smashed themselves into mangled hunks of metal and torn tarp. Yes, this happened more than once and we finally decided to build a more stable structure. You can read about these misadventures at our farm blog (in case you are interested in really stressful hardwork.) Why must we always  learn the hard way?

Back to school must haves - SHOES!!! with #shopkidsshoes #shoeuswhatyougot

We are officially half way through summer! It's time to start thinking about back-to-school. Getting things your children need along the way makes for a less stressful experience than rushing out at the last minute. Of all the school necessities, I find shoes to be the most troubling. My children are always growing/wearing out of shoes and I haven't enjoyed the selection at our local stores. We usually end up settling for a pair that's "good enough" and end up with a bunch of problems all year - from improper fit, durability, or a lack of versatility. This year, we planned ahead and I was able to snag some really groovy shoes for my daughter (who is heading off to middle school this year!!)  These shoes were ordered from  and she absolutely loves them! They had a great selection of stylish shoes! My daughter is into style and she will not wear just any shoe. She was thrilled with how stylish these shoes were - and they were comfortable. Kid

The Secret Life of Fat - Book Review

What is Fat? Do you even know? What happens to fat when you lose weight? Where does it go? What does it all mean? Most people realize that excess fat makes them look "unappealing" but they don't understand what fat really is or why we have it in the first place. They may not understand why they have excess fat and what to do about it - or what NOT to do about it. When the book " The Secret Life of Fat " arrived at my door, I couldn't wait to dive into it. It's written by Sylvia Tara who holds a PhD in Biochemistry. As many of you may know, my degree is also in biochemistry and human metabolism has been a life long passion. So I eagerly awaited a chance to sit down and read this book. I tore into it over the holiday weekend and couldn't put it down. Well, I couldn't put down the first half of the book. It was loaded with information on fat research. Some of it new, some of it old.  I loved it, but I also started to fall out with the author ov