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Life is Crap Tshirt Review

Since I live in the great North and our weather alternates between tolerable and freezing, I'm always wearing layers. One of my favorite things to do is wear cool t-shirts that start conversations. My favorite is my "fight club" shirt, but this new Life is Crap shirt is pretty awesome. You can find this shirt here:  - it comes in womens and mens. The women's shirts are more fitted - but true to size. My picture is not doing the shirt justice. It's a cute and comfy top. I was quite "uncute" on the day of the photo because I was off to the farm that morning and my children are horrible at taking pictures. I had to wear 4 layers that day (42 F at the end of May - seriously??) and I spent the day in the rain. Oh the joys of farm ownership.... This shirt is hilarious but for me it's extra special. The reason? Birds have pooped on me 3 times. I was once telling this to a relative and she mentioned tha

The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs Book - Review & thoughts on the moral implications for raising and eating animals

When The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs arrived on my doorstep, my son couldn't stop smiling. He took it as a sign that we would be getting pigs soon.... I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about raising pigs before we jump into animal husbandry. It turns out, we were both wrong. It turns out, the book is an appeal to get the rest of humanity to understand why treating animals with dignity and respect is important - with a twist of Biblical influence. In fact, the book begins with a testament of Joel's faith. I almost stopped reading the book immediately, because I wanted to read about pigs, not "religion." Thankfully, I stuck it out and read the entire book. The book has been on my counter, in my cabin, in my car, behind the couch.... I have taken it with me and read little bits here and there. And a lot of people have commented. The title is intriguing to most people. And the people that know me assume I'm reading it to learn about pigs. The gist o

A Farm Update

It's been 6 months since we bought the farm, and it's been a wild adventure so far!!! We've been so busy at the farm that almost all of our other activities have fallen by the way side. So I am finally providing an update on on some of our progress. First - what have we been doing for the last 6 months!??!?! was we did what any rational people would do. We rushed to plant trees, clean up 30 years of farm debris, and we planned. I'm happy to report that we have cleaned up almost all of the trash. Over 5 trailers of metal were scrapped. Countless nails were picked up (in the thousands!!) Scrap wood, dead trees, and miscellaneous trash was burned. We only have one large pile of scrap wood and brush to burn. It's too large to burn in the summer, so we'll be saving it for winter when there is less risk to the surrounding areas. But otherwise - the garbage has been cleaned up. What a relief! Here's a look at some of the work: We

Stop using chemicals to wash your face!

I stopped using any facial cleaners almost 2 years ago. The results have been amazing! All the drama I had with peeling/dry skin - gone. All the acne, irritation, and discoloration - gone. At some point, I realized I was scrubbing off all the natural oils and protectants my own body was making. It all started when I realized my face skin was getting older much faster than any other part of my body. Yes, my face receives more sun/wind/elements than any other part, but not that much more than my neck or hands. And they looked fine. The difference was the stuff I  put on my face. I had stopped using soap on my body skin many years ago - I only use it on my armpits, unmentionable areas, and hands. But I still used cleansers on my face. I also used lotions and makeup on my face. I sometimes put lotions on my neck and hands. It occurred to me that I might be causing more damage by using these products. If you don't wear makeup, then you can honestly use any towel you want to wa

You'll never believe what this little girl wrote....

Walking through our neighborhood, I saw a piece of paper blowing in the wind. I chased after it to pick it up. It was a hand written "list" written by a little girl. It was all the things she wished for. You'll never believe what it said... This was a little girl's "wish list." You can click on the photo to get it to enlarge, or I will transcribe the contents below: 1. I wish I was famous 2. I wish I had the best clothes in schoool 3. I will get to go to a Taylor Swift concert 4. I wish I have a car 5. I wish I have my driver's license 6. When I am 16, I want Adrean to like me When I first read this list, I was shocked. We live in a very nice neighborhood, where none of the children are "lacking" for anything. With the future ahead of her, she wishes only to be famous, have nice clothes, have a car, and get a boy to like her. So sad. But this is how we have been programmed in our society. If your children are watching TV, han

Lessons In Love

Lessons In Love For many people, there is always a question of who the soul mate might be or when you will meet the love of your life. Those questions can't always be answered until you do meet that special person. A love tarot reading might be a way to ease your mind as you get information from a psychic who better understands your mind, your ways of thinking and the possibility of falling in love in the future. Try not to take everything that is said to heart as a reading isn't an exact prediction of the future. It's simply ideas of what could happen and that could lead to a final answer. When you begin the reading, try to have a clear mind. If there is someone you are thinking about and who you believe might be the person for you in your life in a romantic way, then ask about that person. The reader can sometimes pick up on details and feelings that can give an indication as to where the relationship might lead or if you should stay away from that person and try to f