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Grass Fed Collagen Review #grassfeedcollagen

Want to be fit? Then protein is it?!? Actually, there's a lot of science behind how much protein we need and how much is too much. I highly recommend you spend some time on google scholar or perusing pubmed to get a better understanding. Here's my quick 2c (not to be construed as medical advice!) We need protein - period. We need somewhere between 10-35% of our diet to come from protein. Too much of any one amino acid and be detrimental to our health. Because people eat less organ meats, bones, fat, skin, gristle, and "other" parts of the animals today, many are deficient in glycine. There are so many reasons why this is bad! What do I do about it? I eat organ meats. I make bone broths. I eat skin and cartilage and choose tough gelatinous cuts. And I eat gelatin. But having the option of a quick - high protein product like this Grass Fed Collagen  was something that made my life a lot easier. My kids love to drink smoothies for breakfast. Milk and fruit. Tasty an

Dollar Shave Club Review

Do you enjoy buying razors? I don't. I am not a fan of the cost, the selection, or the waste. So when I was offered the chance to check out the Dollar Shave Club , I was interested. It's called the "Dollar" shave club because it costs just $1 to start - with free shipping. Then it's about $3/month after that to receive a cassette of blades.Again with free shipping.  It's a pretty good deal, but I have found that I don't need a cassette of razors every month. Good news - you can adjust how frequently you get new razors. You can even shut of your shipments and turn them back on when you need a new razor. Pretty cool. The razor is nice and heavy - not a cheapo plastic razor that breaks or "melts" in the shower. I have had many razors bend/break, with the top strips melting into a mess and covering the blades. I have not had this issue with any of the blades or handles from the Dollar Shave Club. But it's not all good stuff. I found t

MouthWatchers Review

How often do you make changes to your life? If it's going well, why not just coast, right? Wrong. As humans, we always need to keep growing and improving. Otherwise, we get stagnant and start to grow old. Here's a new idea - take a look at your oral care and maybe make some updates.  Why? Because the mouth, eyes, and skin are windows into your overall health.  This month, I was fortunate to be able to try out a new type of toothbrush. If you've been reading this blog for some time, then you know that I like to try new things and I have actively experimented in the dental world ! It's good to try new things! This month, I had the opportunity to use the new  Mouthwatchers®  antimicrobial toothbrush! Here is what the manufacture has to say about their toothbrushes: Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that builds up on bristles in 6 hours with EPA- approved silver bristle technology Revolutionary Flossing Bristles™: long, soft bristles with 1 micrometer diameter tip

The SIRTFOOD Diet review

What is the secret to weight loss?  Better health? Are they one and the same? In my opinion, yes. Human metabolism is one of my favorite subjects, and is the area I study more than any other. As a former biochemist, I'm familiar with Sirtuins (SIRT for short.) What I don't know is whether they are "the magic bullet" or if we can effectively change their role in our metabolisms. Let's take a peek at The SirtFood Diet and see if it has the answers we need. What is it? A food plan that includes 20 major "SIRT" foods and a little longer list of minor foods Short-term calorie reduction No real exclusions No command to exercise What do I think? The short : I don't know. Sounds interesting. I would have to do more research and modify the food options to fit my lifestyle. The long: For some time, I have been working on a theory regarding energy metabolism and food signalling. So the SIRT food list was something I wanted to see - to comp