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What does your Bookshelf say about YOU?

A look into my book basket What does your bookshelf say about you? Recently, my husband was preparing for a job interview and he worried they might ask, "what's the last book you've read?" He reads a lot, but not in book form - so the question worried him. I, on the other hand, am a book wielding fiend! I have read a zillion books  (see my faves here ) and my book basket is currently full of gems just waiting to be opened. My kindle currently has 250 unread books!! OMG! There are so many great books to read and so little time.... FYI - you can get the kindle app on any device for free . I have it on my samsung galaxy tablet and my iphone. I can rent books from our local library and download books from amazon. Some are free or there are often discount coupons that make them free. Most of my books center around sustainable farming, spiritual enlightenment, human health, food, raising children, and war history. What kind of a person does that make me? The &qu

Beekeepers Outfit - The Best Way To Sell Honey

What does a beekeeper look like? Do you have an image in your mind? Me too. The crazy thing is - we are all wrong! I belong to two major beekeeping clubs with hundreds of members. And the group is extremely diverse. When it comes to the outfit - some people tend their bees with no hats, veils, gloves, or suits. They just walk out and open the hive. No biggee. A lot of this depends on the type of bees. Russian bees are rumored to be aggressive (I'll check this out over the next few years and report back!) and Italian bees are said to be so docile that you could disturb the hive without any sort of protection. Okay - but what about when you want to sell the honey? When I attend Farmer's Markets, I want to buy from THE farmer. Not from their middle men. Not from re-sellers. I want to meet the farmer. As a farmer myself, I can tell you that while we are working, we are dirty. D.I.R.T.Y. There is no way around this - but at the market you want to clean up and still look t

Clean up your Garage - Make it the perfect workout space!

This is my ideal garage set up. Heavy weights - pull up bars/rings attached to the wall/ceiling - benches - machines - plenty of space. This is not what my actual garage looks like. Since we bought a farm last fall, our garage is full of equipment - farm equipment!! Plus all the usuals of life. I have a gigantic pile of clothes and toys waiting to go to Goodwill. There are gardening tools galore. Cars, lawnmowers, atvs, trailers!, and so much more. It's actually pretty stressful. When spring rolls around, a lot of these items will make their permanent home at the farm. And then we will have a semi-clean garage again. But why stop there. Sure, there isn't space to create the workout garage seen above - but there are ways to improve. We received a small fasttrack basket to review. It will be very useful for organizing small pieces together and keeping them up off the ground. To really kick your garage into gear, you would need the rest of the fast track pieces . They ha

Best Women's Holster for Concealed Carry AND gardening!! #mothersdaygift #womensholster #2ndamendment #rights

A garden pruners in the gun "spot" - works great for both!! I spent a long time searching for the "perfect" gun holster. My husband prefers to wear a gun at the side of his hip, but I have never found hip holsters to be comfortable. I bend at the hips, and I bend a lot - so it never works out.  Then there are the underarm and bra holsters .  They are unique - and work well. But it's inconvenient to get at your weapon. You have to dig into your shirt - under your arm or into your bra!!!   This fall, we bought a farm, and I needed to pick up the pace on my holster hunt. We have black bears, coyotes, foxes, ground hogs, a lot of wildlife. I need to carry in case one of the bigger animals gets feisty! That's where the Belly Holster  comes in.  If you've ever worn one of the hip bands - to hold your phone, credit card, etc - then you probably have some concerns. I loved wearing my hip band all summer long because it meant I could go out in the

What is the REAL secret to weight loss and health? A trip down the rabbit hole

Health is always on my mind - and I wonder if it's something the majority of people even consider. As the chaos over the election continues to grind through our society, I can't help but wonder about the intelligence of my fellow citizens. Health means Wellness . Wellness encompasses your physical, mental, and emotional fitness. Surely, those rioting in the streets and babbling incomprehensible tag-lines can not be mentally fit. They cry about inequality but how many of them have actually witnessed or inexperienced what that really looks and feels like. Do they know how to fix it!?? Poverty does not cause illness. But people who live in poverty are generally weak in spirit - meaning they often lack the knowledge or motivation to gain the knowledge to better their situation. That is cultural, generational, and nutritional. It is a learned and conditioned experience. I grew up in extreme poverty and saw full generations of it's effect. It's not about the money. If y

Gardening With Chickens - Tips & Tricks to Grow with Success

Chickens!!! Oh, how I love them . I challenge anyone to feed chickens and still have a bad day. They love leafy greens, berries, and grapes. And they are so grateful! They are a joy to visit and a joy to keep. I grew up with chickens and have been stalking every flock within a 5 mile radius of my home. I've been in chicken factories (HORRID), egg processing plants, hatcheries, and have seen every type of home set-up (from mostly confined to full out wild.) There is an absolute beauty to a flock that is well tended and loved. The birds are happy, healthy, and strong. They also produce much better food products for us!! As an adult, I am still waiting to have my own. We recently bought a large farm, but will be using it for research/consulting purposes and not living there. That means no chickens. But.... That doesn't stop me from reading about them and planning to have them in the future. I received Gardening with Chickens for review last month and it has brought a lo

What happens when you just throw seeds everywhere??

It's almost spring...and that means seed catalogs are making the rounds! It's so enticing to collect seeds - growing new varieties, saving seeds to create the next generation of plants. I have two tupperware buckets full of seeds. I save seeds I find in the wild. I save seeds from my garden. I buy seeds. I get seeds for free from expos and other events. But I only have a 20x6' garden. And half of that garden is taken up with permanent plants like raspberries and blueberries. So my experimental space is limited. Or at least it was.... Now that we've bought the 40 acre farm - I will have unlimited space. Actually, I have 2 acres dedicated to garden/orchard (10 acres are designated as wild prairie, 7 acres are pasture lands for animals, and the rest is forest/lake). But 2 acres feels like unlimited space!!! Do you know how many different squash and watermelon seeds I have???? And those babies take space. Here's the rub...I don't have a fence at the farm

How to FINALLY get rid of BAD breath for good!

Self conscious about your breath? Do you have cabinets full of mouthwashes and special toothpastes? I was and I had all that crap in my cabinets. Because I had dragon breath. Okay, I actually had poop breath. There wasn't a day that went by that my husband didn't cringe or comment about my breath. He's nice like that. I felt horrible. I brushed my teeth twice a day - every single day. I never missed a day! I floss. I eat healthy. Blah...blah...blah. Nothing ever helped. Human health is one of my biggest interests. I spend a lot of time reading scientific studies, checking out books, and experimenting. A key in the struggle to optimum health for me was reading Dr. Weston Price's book: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration . It's a tedious book, but it's insightful. Dr. Price was a dentist that was obsessed with cavities. Why did they form? Why did some people have straight teeth and others were crooked? He thought it had to do with nutrition. And he was rig