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Saving Seeds: The Joy, The Utility, The Irony

Saving seeds lets you have better control over what goes into your garden and ultimately your body. I have been saving seeds for years and have been able to select for stronger plants that are hardy in my area. I no longer have to buy plants or seeds (saving money!!) and I get the joy of being resourceful. It's fun to harvest seeds and collect them at the end of the season. Sometimes you get a lot. Sometimes you don't. It's part of the challenge. But look at the photo above. This year I planted two types of beans. Scarlet runners and a mystery variety I bought from China that claimed to be scarlet runners. I have grown the "Mystery china" beans for 3 years. They grow on green leaves with a hint of purple, the beans are 100% purple but turn green when cooked. Their seeds are white. The scarlet runners grow on big green vines with beautiful red flowers. The beans are long and fat - almost like a chinese long bean - and as green as can be. Their seeds are purp

Making Liver taste GOOD and my results from 1 month of eating liver, hearts, and gizzards

This,  my friends, is a deer heart. I found many of them lying around my new farm. I also found a ton of other organs, but the heart is one of the most interesting and this one was fresh, so I took it home. Not to eat....though if I had killed the deer, there's no reason not to eat the heart. Unless there is... Fill me in if I'm wrong. This heart was donated to my son's science class, along with a bunch of pheasant hearts. Other children donated cow's hearts and of course, more deer. Why? Because it's a much more humane way to dissect. Take organs from animals that were already killed and that were going to be wasted. Besides, having a variety highlights the similarities and differences between us. In my opinion, the heart is still one of the most interesting organs. But back to eating...... Some time ago, I decided to do something about my body weakness and heavy periods. After much research, I decided the healthiest way to treat this issue was to start con

Protection - for your phone and your gear at school

Do you own a cell phone? Have you ever dropped it? I went for years without ever dropping my cell phone, then the ONE time I took the case off, it slipped off a beach chair and shattered the screen. Crazy town. My son has a case but still managed to crack his screen. So we now use a quality case AND a screen protector . Since using the screen protectors, we have had no breakage to our screens. My son did break the screen protector after awhile, then had to install a new one (thankfully, they come in a 2-pack .) The best news - the screen was still intact after the damage. I'm going to be honest - if you have kids, especially boys, but kids of any kind - then you will need a screen protector and a bumper case. Cheap cute cases are not going to cut it. I'm talking backpacks, pockets, lockers, friends, sports, buses, the lunch room, and all sorts of other hazards here. Save yourself a lot of stress and trouble (and eventual cost) and just do it right from the beginning.

Delicious chocolates - found only at Target this holiday season! #BouchardChocolate

Something about the holidays just begs for chocolate --- and egg nog. Not everyone agrees on the nog, but chocolates are a hit with almost everyone. We were fortunate enough to sample the really tasty Bouchard chocolates (sold at your local Target) and I think they were about the perfect size for a chocolate sampler. Not too many that you get tired of them, but just enough that you were able to try at least one of each. Most of the chocolates were really good and each type found at least one fan in our household. I would have liked more nuts, but I understand not everyone can have nuts these days All-in-all, they were a hit and I would buy them again. Please consider supporting this Blog by  CLICKING HERE  whenever you shop Amazon. Costs you nothing and is wildly appreciated. The links in this post may be affiliate links and products are often received for review purposes.  Read the full disclosure.

Staying Warm without bulk - active outdoor gear that works with you!

I have spent my entire life in the upper midwest - just a stone's throw away from the Canadian border. The coldest I remember was negative 65 F in the late nineties. I walked 2 miles to school that day. It was cold!! My main objective has always been stay warm - wearing layers, big coats, heavy gloves, etc. But then this happened: Part of our 40 acre farm We bought a 40 acre farm this fall and have spent every free minute getting it ready for production. That means cleaning up debris, scrapping old equipment, chopping down dead trees,building a dock to the lake, and lots and lots of digging as we have planted 77 new trees so far. We did all of this over the month of November. Not our coldest month, but still dropping down into the 20s. I admit that most of my winter outdoor life has involved walking or short ski jaunts. I have never really "worked" in the cold. Once you do - you will find out how important it is to have thin layers, ease of movement, and pocke