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Write out your goals, save your butt, and reach things up high!

This fall has been overwhelmingly busy - but in a good way. We followed our dreams and bought a farm. I've been keeping notes of all sorts of plans, ideas, and budgeting issues. It's been a mess. But then I started using an actual  journal . This particular journal is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. It has places to put your "visualizations" and goals. I've found it very helpful. In fact, I do find it's much more productive to keep track of your goals and write out your plans. It improves your focus and your odds of achieving those goals goes up exponentially. I've got an entire plan mapped out and things are falling into place. In the meantime, we are still working in our suburban area and starting to clean up for the holidays. I have a lot of things to sort through for goodwill and a future garage sale. We have stuff stacked in all of our closets - to the top! - and it's time to get them down. I've found this  folding stoo

Beautiful Earrings for #Xmas - #gift for her - turquoise!

The holidays are here! It's time to start thinking about special one-of-a-kind gifts for the people in your life. Check out these beautiful blue turquoise earrings !  I am a huge fan of the "boho" style and these earrings fit right in! They could also dress up a little black dress or a chunky sweater on the ski slopes. Very versatile.  Please consider supporting this Blog by  CLICKING HERE  whenever you shop Amazon. Costs you nothing and is wildly appreciated. The links in this post may be affiliate links and products are often received for review purposes.  Read the full disclosure.

Did You Know That Soap Grows On Trees?

Did You Know That Soap Grows On Trees? Well for Tree To Tub , yes, soap does grow on trees! Check out their amazing line of ultra-gentle, organic body care products featuring the soapberry , an exotic fruit that makes a gentle, nourishing lather when you rub it! Never heard of the soapberry ? Keeping reading to find out! Meet the Soapberry, Nature's Most Gentle Soap Just give this berry a rub, and it produces a creamy, luxurious lather Yes, the soapberry lathers, and it's also the most nourishing soap for the human body. For thousands of years, its ultra-gentle and antibacteria l properties have been used in Ayurvedic herbal medicine for all skin and hair issues. Its vitamin-packed froth shields and repairs the skin & hair from dryness and damages. Tree To Tub is the first to make the soapberry available, so you are washing with the botanical lather of the soapberry, not a lather made from synthetic chemicals . And We Get the Exclusive Deal,

Perfect #gift for #crossfit #gymrats and travelers

The holidays are fast approaching and selecting the "right" gift for the people in your life can be challenging! But I found something that is perfect for travelers, gym goers, and well, almost any woman.  It's called the GLOV. I had the opportunity to test one of these out and it was great! I used it to wash away makeup without using any other products. You can use with your favorite soap, but I used it without and it did a great job.  It was super simple to use - fit my hand like a glove - and washed up well in the laundry.  Here are the directions from the manufacturer: In just 4 simple steps your post-gym routine becomes faster, easier and more enjoyable! Step 1 : Dampen GLOV’s dual action micro fibers with water Step 2 : Wipe away your makeup with ease Step 3 : Hand wash the GLOV with any bar of soap Step 4 : Hang to air dry GLOV On-The-Go GLOV On-The-Go has a compact design that is easy to use on a daily basis or when traveling. Inspired to meet the

Cleaning up Sweaty Dirty Clothes, Planning for the Future, and Just having fun

If you have ever been inside a high school wrestling room - God bless you. It is the most concentrated form of manly sweat stink in the world. When I take my daughter to gymnastics, the moms always complain about how bad their gym smells and I just shake my head. There is no comparison. But that's what's in my laundry right now. Hard fighting wrestling sweat...and a whole lot of tree planting homestead sweat too! I am always open to trying new things and for years I have been working with some pretty great natural cleaners. But my husband is not happy with their ability to get out the "funk." His laundry usually comes out of the wash smelling like it never went in. So I was more than happy to give  Persil ProClean Power Liquid   a try. It had a very nice, clean scent. It did leave a scent on our clothing - a clean scent and one that my husband appreciated. It did a much better job of getting out sweaty smells then my usual detergent. I am happy with it. I thi

Getting started with farming, planting an orchard, travelling between two homes

Less than a month ago, we bought a 40 acre farm. Getting started on building a farm is hard work. We are there every weekend and many week nights. Just last weekend we planted 77 trees - a windbreak to protect our future bees. We put in maple trees that we will eventually tap for syrup and I am busy siting out where our fruit trees will go. There is a lot of potential in a farm - but man is it expensive and exhausting! Since it gets dark here at 5pm, we have had to hustle. And we've had to stay at the land overnight - without electricity, water, or real shelter. We have been camping! In the cold!! One thing that helped us get through that rough experience was this awesome  solar camping lantern .   We set it out in the field during the day where it charged itself. Then we brought it in the tent for the night. It's really good in an enclosed space but does not give you focused light like a flashlight for heading to the bathroom or walking around in the dark. It is nic

One Tool to Improve the Shine of your Hair and Your Skin (aka reduce Cellulite!)

The secrets to shiny, healthy hair and skin are much easier than anyone would have you believe! You don't need endless products and equipment. Since I stopped washing my hair almost 7 months ago , I have learned a lot about hair care. #1 - You do NOT need shampoo. If you DO use shampoo, ONLY wash your scalp - not the rest of your hair. Shampoo strips your oil layers and will dry out your hair (hence the NEED for conditioner.) #2 - If you decide to not use shampoo - then you will need to rub your hands through your scalp every once in awhile to loosen sebum and stimulate your scalp. You can accomplish this in the shower with just water (simulating the shampoo washing routine.) You will also NEED to brush the oil through your hair. Ever watch an old-time show and see the lady brush her hair for exactly 100 strokes? That was to distribute the oil. And it works great - but only if you use the right kind of brush. You need a boar's bristle brush. This type of brush works