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Before Winter Kicks In - A few tasks to get your HOME Ready for the season

It's FALL!! That means the leaves will start falling and the weather will get cold. Before you nestle in for a warm winter, remember to change your filters! The last thing you want is for your furnace to go out in the middle of winter. Trust me - it happened to us.

Our furnace was out for 6 days while I waited for the parts to fix it. Didn't call a repair man? Nope. I could have spent $300 and had a repair man come within 2 days or I could have put on some jackets and fixed it for $15. Our weather that week was -4F. But between baking bread, wearing jackets, and everybody sleeping in my bed, we survived.

Changing your filter makes it easier your furnace to operate (meaning more heat for less fuel - money savings), it keeps your air cleaner (less dust!) and it keeps the inside of your furnace cleaner (less parts to get gunked up and ruined.)

Filters are basic and easy to buy. They are something  you can buy online with confidence. We ordered this 6 pack of filters and the result was great. They were the exact size we needed, they arrived quickly, and they were in great shape.

It's also time to get your yard cleaned up. As the plants start to die down but before it's too cold to work, snip down your perennial plants. Prune shrubs. Clean out your flower beds and gardens. Rake up leaves into your compost pile. Water any big trees deeply before the ground begins to freeze. That will keep them nice and hydrated through the winter. You know the brown tips you see on spruce trees in the winter (actually they are sort of orange?) Those are from drying out. The cold winter wind whips through trees and sucks the water right out of them.

Water them deep. Then turn off those hoses and bleed them dry. If water freezes in your outdoor pipes you will be in for a nasty bill from the plumber. I know plumbers who have sent their kids to college just on frozen pipe fixes!!  If you're like me, then you water your trees from your rain barrel. Don't forget to FULLY empty the rain barrel before winter!

Clear out your sprinkler lines, put away your summer gear (lawn chairs, garden fixtures, hoses, flower pots, etc.) Then start getting ready to enjoy the rest of fall and winter. It's a time to hunker down and keep warm. Eat delicious high-calorie foods (like my fave - pumpkin pie) and cozy up in your favorite sweater.

If you can set your thermostat a few degrees lower, you will not only save money but get a chance to use all your blankets and warm clothes! Plus you'll rev your metabolism and keep your body producing brown fat (which is metabolically active!) as opposed to just white storage fat.

Keep warm and enjoy the season.

I received a complimentary filter in exchange for review. No compensation was received. This article may contain affiliate links/ads.


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