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9 Months Wearing Thinx - What I REALLY think and What you should know if you decide to use them!!

It's been 9 months since I bought my first pair of Thinx underwear. Since that time, I have transitioned to 90% reusable period products. I've figured out how to wash them, get them to stop being stinky, and when to use them.

 I first heard of Thinx when a friend of mine showed me an article on Facebook.The article was an obvious paid to endorsement.

I was disappointed that my friend couldn't see through the propaganda, but it did motivate me to dig deeper into reusable menstrual products.

So I bought my first pair - I used a $10 off coupon and first time customers got free shipping. (This link will give you $10 off if you decide to give them a go.)

The first thing I did when they arrived was try them on. They fit well and looked really good. Fancy even? Well, maybe not for most people but they had lace and that is fancy in my world. I then tested them with a syringe of water to be sure that they could actually hold the liquid they claimed. They passed.

I bought the hiphuggers - and to be honest - they are the only ones even worth entertaining (or maybe the sport pair) because they only hold 2 teaspoons of fluid. And they are the most absorbent pair they have. That's 2 regular sized tampons or one super - in case you were wondering.

But wait! You only thought they could be used as a "backup" or had to be used with other products, right? For the price, they better be able to do more than be backup!!

Some ladies are blessed with really light and really short periods. I am not one of them. In fact, I am not even on the charts for "normal."  My periods last between 7-10 days and for the first 3 days it is like turning on the faucet. I have to use the super duper tampons and they get soaked through in less than 2 hours. It sucks. **Update - my periods stopped being waterfalls when I cured my anxiety. YAY!***

So if I can transition to reusable products and survive - so can you. I mentioned above that I use 90% reusable products. Because I have such heavy periods, I have to use tampons plus pads or tampons plus period underwear if I plan to exist in the normal world. I have a set of reusable pads that I often swap in when my period underwear are dirty.

After I bought the first Thinx pair, I was inspired to go further. I think of them as my "gateway drug" into the reusable world. I made 3 prototype "homemade thinx" underwear to round out my routine.

In some ways they are better than the Thinx underwear. They are much more absorbent and they have never failed me. Never leaked. Never lasted only an hour or two. They rock at night! THEY WASH WELL (more on this below!!)

And they were made of things I had around the house so they were kind of free. I had to sew them so they weren't totally free. (If you scroll down in this article you can see what my homemade pairs look like. I took pictures of the ones I made for my daughter as mine are used.)

But moving on... I liked wearing Thinx, but there are things I also hate about them and I think it's fair for people to know the whole truth about these underwear.


Without any coupons, Thinx underwear costs $34. That's outrageous! Why? Because most ladies that buy pads/tampons with coupons are not going to see the financial value of switching at $34 per pair and they will need more than 1 pair.

It has to be discussed. After a while, Thinx start to stink. If you change them after just an hour or two and get them immediately in the wash, then they will stay nice and odor-free. Can you do that when you are at work or away from home? We are talking about blood. Blood that sits. It starts to stink and the smell will stay in the underwear even after washing! Luckily, I have solved this issue. It's called vinegar. I keep a spray bottle of vinegar in my shower (for various cleaning purposes) and whenever I am finished with ANY of my period reusables, I give me a quick spray and toss them in my wash basket. Doing this, I do not need to wash them instantly. And it takes out any scents.

The best Thinx underwear (Hiphuggers) only holds 2 regular tampons. I have had days where I am wearing a super tampon and Thinx, but I didn't get to the bathroom within 2 hours and there was blood already through my jeans. This is a problem with heavy flows and we are all used to it. But it's frustrating that they don't use their "thin absorbent technology" to make a heavier style. And what the hell is with the thong style? SERIOUSLY!! Who is wearing a thong on their period? They barely hold any liquid!!

They are not night underwear! They will not be enough to prevent leaking. They could be used with a reusable pad, but not alone.

They do leak - when they are full. They are great for the transition days and as backup on heavy days. Actually, they are freaking amazing for transition days. Why deal with pads when your period is pretty much over, but not over enough not to ruin things?

I have two pair of Thinx and they are both black. But they are both stained. Not by blood but by my body's pH. So they are sort of "bleached" in the crotch area. This is annoying. Not the end of the world but definitely not "pretty."

Wet Diaper Feel
When I am on lighter days, I never get the wet diaper feel with Thinx. On heavier days, it eventually happens when they are about to burst and start leaking. It should be expected on heavier days but they are very good at wicking away moisture on light days and that is very commendable.

They look great. I can't tell you how amazing it is to wear what (for all intents and purposes) feels like regular underwear during at least some of my period. It makes me feel normal and good. Not like a bloody behemoth. It makes me hate my period less. Actually, I don't hate my period (because I'm all zen and centered!)
The Company 
The company tries to portray itself as grassroots and "for the people." But digging into SheThinx a bit more, it's clear it's run by venture capital and the primary goal is profit. Blah. It's not that there is anything wrong with being "for profit" but when you act like you're not, it seems dishonest. The company behind Thinx is also trying to market a bidet attachment for your toilet. Save your money and get one of these:

I have this and it's the bomb. It's portable. It works. It's easy. It's cheap. You can put it away!! Great for travelling and emergencies or when you just need to clean up after a bathroom disaster and don't have time to hop in the shower. Seriously - well worth it!

So there you have it. An honest assessment of Thinx underwear. I was obviously not paid to endorse them (or not endorse - however you want to look at it!) I like my period so much better - or at least it's not wrecking my life - because of my switch to reusable products. I feel great knowing that my bathroom garbage is pretty much empty all the time and that I no longer have to buy the chemical laden crap at the store. I think you will too!


  1. I am currently using the devacup in combination with Thinx and they are great together. I have a very heavy flow as well and the devacup was definitely worth the investment.

  2. Yes! You nailed it! They do start to smell. I rinse and hang dry them asap after use every time, then run them through my next laundry load, but eventually after months of use they have a smell. And don't even dream of wearing them alone on a medium to heavy flow day. I do like them as back up to a tampon or transition days...Except now they carry that icky smell that either comes on as I wear them or just doesn't go away altogether. Will try your vinegar rinse idea - thanks!

  3. Try the menstrual cup. As a fellow extreme-heavy bleeder it is a lifesaver. And reusable! Paired with thinx I rarely bleed through anymore.

  4. Thanks so much for this review. My daughter used two pairs ONCE and they smell terrible and have the pH stain. she did rinse them immediately like they say too. I did try vinegar and have washed them once, but that did not help at all with either problem. For the money I paid I expect them to be amazing. She did use one on a really light day and it worked fine.

  5. Just as an extension to your reason for using this type of underpants, they are priceless for us older ladies who, after menopause typically develop weakened muscle control and often don't get to the toilet quite on time before spilling a bit. I thought I was finally rid of that monthly pain in the neck, only to find I would need to wear a pad ALL THE TIME! I've never completely lost all control, so wearing these underpants 1 per day, so washing them in the bathroom sink each morning, and putting on a clean pair has become an easy regime to follow. I could throw them in the washer, but I never liked the idea of mixing those bodily fluids with my other laundry. I don't need to own 7 pr. to make it to laundry day.I rotate 3 pair because they dry quickly, and after a year they still look like new. Warm water and hand soap has always been fully sufficient to keep them always smelling clean and fresh, but the idea of a spray of vinegar during the rinse sounds pretty bacterial soundproof too.

    1. Hi, this is a separate comment to something you mentioned. I am a Physiotherapy student and I feel I have to speak up when I come across ageing and leaking issues. It does happen as you age maybe but it is not normally, you can look at women's health physiotherapy which can supply you with simple exercises which will help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, a useful technique is called the knack, I hope this is of some help. :) x

  6. I am using PantiePads' Menstrual Period Underwear from last 2 years and I am very happy with the results. No problem with quality and security of underwears. I strongly recommend those panties. One-time use and strong built-in pad gives you 12 hours of worry free period protection. Never have to deal with the mess of washing stained underwear. These are easy and convenient.

  7. I dont see the pics of the undies you sewed. (I am very interested!) Also interested in your startup company ;) thanks for your honest review!

  8. Thanks for the actual honest review. I had trouble finding anything that was not obviously sponsored content. I just bought my first pair to try but I am still skeptical. I have a tilted cervix and I only fill half a tampon and cups do not suction properly. I'm tired of pads and leaking so much, so I really need another alternative. Thanks again!

  9. Thank you! I bought mine before people like you were sharing real truth. I have the same love/hate relationship with these and am looking forward to more competition in the market. I never considered my period heavy, just normal (but what are those descriptors anyway?) and I read an article ab a woman with a heavy flow who wore one pair all day and never felt wet. Oh goodness, how do you live with yourself for flat out lying? So thank you for this article <3

  10. I wish I've come across your blog before deciding to give Thinx a go. Decided to get the All-Saver-Set after having the ads constantly popped up at my feed and reading through their blog (whoever did their branding and marketing really did a good job). Also, it felt good to be using less tampons and pads.

    Now that I've used it on my first period (been wearing it for 3 weeks), I would not recommend Thinx.

    I have a regular flow. Due to my personal hygiene preference, having to change the entire undies every 4 hours isn't the most practical thing especially when you are out. Even while staying in, the thought of having blood stains on my undies in the laundry basket for a while doesn't seem pleasant. Also, they do develop smell and that was after 1 period (not a heavy flow). I'm looking for ways to remove the smell and will try what you suggested. The size was a good fit when I got it, now some stitches are coming all and I'll need to do some sewing.

    Not what I expected with the price paid, not to mention having to top up some tax which is a third of the price paid for product and shipping. The whole experience left me feeling it's a well marketed product, ok quality, over-promised, over-priced.

  11. To add to the conversation about our long-term experiences with Thinx: another thing to consider is that Thinx start absorbing less before they leak after a few years -- even with air drying. I checked with the sales team and they told me that they expect "maximum absorption" to drop after 24 washes/2 years of handling per their instructions. My old Thinx are still good for "Is my period starting today or tomorrow?" days and transition days -- but that kinda adds to my negative feelings about the price.

    On another note, I did try the new "super" style -- and it does definitely absorb much more before hitting that leaking point. If you're considering Thinx, that might be worth paying a slightly higher price for that over their other styles.

  12. Thank you for this article! I have had the weird crotch staining inside the Thinx and also they have a weird smell. I thought I was the only one! I wrote to Thinx about it and they actually sent me another pair for free because I wanted to refund for the first pair. I appreciated that customer service, but honestly I would never buy another pair again!

  13. ugh.. I feel the exact same as all these ladies. I have a super light flow but the Thinx, after two periods, already smell. I rinsed them well after wearing, hung to dry and then washed them in my next load of laundry but they have a smell that basically smells like a dirty tampon. I dont think I can wear these again :( Also, one of my pairs is riping at the elastic which is such a bummer. I bought 4 pairs because I thought this was going to be my ticket out from tampons. Cups dont work for me unfortunately.

  14. So happy to find an honest opinion here. My experience is the same - after a year of usage they start smelling, I have the bleaching in the crotch area and also the elastics are not in great shape. Now i have to replace them and I am not sure what to do it with? Buy the same brand again as they were not a complete disaster or try to find a better producer? Any suggestions?

  15. So happy to find an honest opinion here. My experience is the same - after a year of usage they start smelling, I have the bleaching in the crotch area and also the elastics are not in great shape. Now i have to replace them and I am not sure what to do it with? Buy the same brand again as they were not a complete disaster or try to find a better producer? Any suggestions?

  16. Modibodi and Knix bikini styles in their most absorbent have been the BEST for me to avoid leaks. Thinx never did anything but leak for me and I was super disappointed in them. Compared to the others , Thinx are constructed so differently and are almost just like normal underwear. No wonder they don’t work! Smell still is an issue which is how I came across your blog in Google search. On modibodi it recommends 1 part vinegar 3 parts water 20 minute soak right before washing. Seeing your vinegar tip too I think something along those lines sounds like the way to go. Thanks for the blog post!

  17. I just read about thinx having pfa's - gutted! This is a chemical that's in waterproof jackets and non stick, it's non for harmful and toxic effects and causing cancer and liver failure. As a vulva is a mucus membrane so absorbent thinx are actually dangerous. It seems that potentially alot of the pa d's are using this but are unsure as they've made not any comment but a few have said they don't use it. Sustain and ruby don't use them. Unfortunately there both in thr states and im in the uk. I'm deffinatley going to 're invest in something new. Wallet- much!


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