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9 Months Wearing Thinx - What I REALLY think and What you should know if you decide to use them!!

It's been 9 months since I bought my first pair of Thinx underwear. Since that time, I have transitioned to 90% reusable period products . I've figured out how to wash them, get them to stop being stinky , and when to use them.  I first heard of Thinx when a friend of mine showed me an article on Facebook.The article was an obvious paid to endorsement. I was disappointed that my friend couldn't see through the propaganda, but it did motivate me to dig deeper into reusable menstrual products. So I bought my first pair - I used a $10 off coupon and first time customers got free shipping. ( This link will give you $10 off if you decide to give them a go.) The first thing I did when they arrived was try them on. They fit well and looked really good. Fancy even? Well, maybe not for most people but they had lace and that is fancy in my world. I then tested them with a syringe of water to be sure that they could actually hold the liquid they claimed. They passed. I bo

Before Winter Kicks In - A few tasks to get your HOME Ready for the season

It's FALL!! That means the leaves will start falling and the weather will get cold. Before you nestle in for a warm winter, remember to change your  filters ! The last thing you want is for your furnace to go out in the middle of winter. Trust me - it happened to us. Our furnace was out for 6 days while I waited for the parts to fix it. Didn't call a repair man? Nope. I could have spent $300 and had a repair man come within 2 days or I could have put on some jackets and fixed it for $15. Our weather that week was -4F. But between baking bread, wearing jackets, and everybody sleeping in my bed, we survived. Changing your filter makes it easier your furnace to operate (meaning more heat for less fuel - money savings), it keeps your air cleaner (less dust!) and it keeps the inside of your furnace cleaner (less parts to get gunked up and ruined.) Filters are basic and easy to buy. They are something  you can buy online with confidence. We ordered this 6 pack of filters and

Cake Stand Review

In all of my years on this Earth, I have never owned a cake stand. I've made cakes. I've eaten a lot of cake. But I've never had a cake stand. Wouldn't it be nice to set out your cupcakes on a beautiful stand instead of a dinner plate? Of course. I'm just more of a practical sort of girl. But that changed a little when I received this  cake stand  for review. Why? Because it's gorgeous. It's shiny and professional looking. It spins so you can frost a cake like a pro. And it did I mention how gorgeous it was. I put a glass cover over the top and it looked even better. Now I just need to make a cake - or a pie - or some cupcakes - or even a stack of cookies to display on the stand. I wonder if my family would let them sit and be beautiful or if they would dive in and destroy the "display." *I received a complimentary product for review purposes. No compensation was received. This article may contain affiliate ads/links.

My Fur Collection, Slavery, and Other things to think about.

I have done a lot of exciting things this year. If you haven't, then take a second to think about that. You only get one shot at this life. You need to make the most of it. To be alive, you need to be active. If you want to maintain your ability to function - mentally and physically: then it's important that you learn how to deal with change. Change provides growth. Sometimes it's painful growth, but it provides growth. The opposite of growth is decay. I'm guessing you would rather not describe your life as a state of "decay." With that said, let me share a little bit of the adventurous things I have done this year. I am on a mission to try every edible wild food in my area. I have tried all of the goodies listed here - and many more that I haven't yet added to the list! If you forage for wild foods, then you know that their availability can vary. This year there were no wild plums or black walnuts for humans. We had rain and cold weather while

Everything You Need to Know about Female Fat Cells, Weight Loss, and Looking Good Naked - Book Review

As a woman, life is an interesting journey. Nobody can quite agree on what your body should look like. Hah! I've been fortunate, but most of my friend's haven't. Either they struggle with excess weight or they injure themselves in their quest to be thin. I love to read and as I was browsing through the Amazon Free books I came across this: Everything You Need to Know about Female Fat Cells, Weight Loss, and Looking Good Naked .  Everything You Need to Know about Female Fat Cells, Weight Loss, and Looking Good Naked . So I ordered it and read it in about 2 afternoons. It was a short little book that surprisingly did hold pretty much everything you need to know about fat loss. I found it helpful and reasonable. I follow most of the advice in the book already but did pick up a few tidbits. Its the kind of book I wish I had read in my teen years or at least in my post-marriage days when I started to pack on weight. There is a lot of great prevention advice and a solid pl

Fall Camping, Cozy Double Hammock, leaf watching, and chopping herbs for winter

Fall is my favorite season. I love the smell of the air, the semi-warm temperatures, and the beautiful colors! If you are fortunate enough to live in a temperate climate, get outside and enjoy those leaves!! They are a pain to rake up, but only if you consider them a nuisance. I consider them as food for my trees and garden. Plus, my children love to feed them to goats. You have never seen a more grateful, excited animal. They love everything we feed them and leaves crunch in their mouth like chips. So rewarding! It's also time to get out and enjoy the rest of nature. It's still warm enough to camp comfortably. Nothing beats reading in a hammock just on the edge of the forest (or deep in the forest if you are lucky enough to have a spot like that!) We had the opportunity to try out this  double hammock . It's nicely made and comfortable. You can technically hang it from anywhere. My only complaint with it is that it did not come with tree straps. They are kind of ess

If you aren't Hungry enough to Eat an Apple - Then You're NOT hungry

There is so much crazy out in the world of health and fitness that it's almost unbearable to look at any of it. Drink More Water. Only Eat Half of your Meal. Eat Less Carbs. Less Fat. More Carbs. More Protein. It goes on and on. Some of it makes sense, mostly it doesn't. One that stuck out at me this week was the phrase, "If you aren't hungry enough to eat and apple, then you're not hungry" On the surface, this makes sense. If you are hungry, you will eat anything right? Yes, if you are starving. But if you are not starving, you have options. Either you are not really THAT hungry and you can walk away. Or you can have a drink of water. Or you can eat. But if you want to eat shouldn't you be willing to eat a healthy apple (or banana or pear or carrot?) Maybe. There are all sorts of "Hungry." Our bodies are run by chemical reactions. We need certain vitamins, minerals, macro nutrients, enzymes etc. If you are lacking in protein, then an a

My First Lucid Dream - Escaping the Matrix

I dream every night. Every. Single. Night. To those of you that don't remember your dreams, you may be thinking "how exciting" or "I wish I could remember my dreams" but that has not been my experience. Most of my dreams are nightmares. There are scary nightmares and then there are conflict nightmares. I spend my nights in arguments, fights to the death, and other stress inducing battles. I wake up exhausted. I have at least 3-4 dreams that I remember each night. It has been this way for as long as I can remember. I kind of hate it. Sure I learn some interesting things in my dreams. While I was in college, I never "studied" calculus or any tough subject because I would dream about them all night. That's 7 or 8 hours of calculating. I usually woke up understanding it very well and solving anything that bothered me. I've seen things that helped me understand issues in my waking life and I've even met my future self (maybe.) That future