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Save on outdoor wheel rentals - 50% off!

Summer is almost here and that means it's time to hit some of our great area parks! While you're there - try out some of the wheel rentals and save! Fun for the entire family.  Wheel Fun Rentals offers the ultimate in fun and recreation for the entire family, from toddlers through grandparents. Enjoy the outdoors - our fleet of unique vehicles offer unparalleled outdoor recreation for sightseeing, people watching and a touch of exercise that will enhance any leisure time experience. My readers SAVE! SAVE 50% OFF Rental - 50% OFF any one hour rental @WFRMN @usfg

Growing Healthier Fruits and Vegetables - Just like "they" did before the soil was strip mined

I moved and started my current garden 9 years ago. All of the top soil had been removed from our property and my soil was 100% clay subsoil. It was a struggle to get anything to grow, but I was determined to improve my soil naturally. The first 7 years were hard. Really hard... Crops struggled, not even weeds would grow, and the digging was intense. When I grew root vegetables, I had to dig them out all the way to the bottom or they would break. Cherries are forming on my Northstar Cherry tree...isn't it a beautiful thing? Insects decimated my crops. Blights, infections, viruses. I'm telling you these plants suffered. But I was determined to do it naturally.... Each year, I added compost, manure, leaf mould, organic mulches (pine straw, hay straw, shredded maple leaves, and cocoa bean mulch mostly). Each year the carrots and beets were easier to dig out. But I still had to dig. It wasn't until I started using Fish Rich Fertilizer  that I started to get real grow

Delicious Recipe Ideas for Leftover Crab Meat

Delicious Recipe Ideas for Leftover Crab Meat When you find a good deal on crab meat, no one would blame you for buying in bulk. All you need is a little clarified butter and some lemon juice to make a dish that will make everyone in your family rush to the dinner table. While some people think that there is no such thing as too much crab meat, you might find that you have a few pieces leftover that no one wants. Instead of trying to reheat that meat in the microwave the next day, find delicious recipe ideas for using that extra crab. Hot Crab Dip Crab lovers just can't get enough of this delicious dip , which features a rich combination of cheese and crab. The basic recipe is so simple that you might find yourself making it for every party you throw. Toss the leftover crab meat in a large bowl with softened cream cheese. Add a tablespoon of mayonnaise and a small handful of your favorite cheese. Pour the mixture into an oven-safe pan, scatter more cheese over the top and bake

Effortless Zipper Repair for Workout Gear w/ FixnZip Review

A while back I received a new product to review called the FixnZip .  I looked at the product in awe. Do you know how many jackets, jeans, and sweatshirts I've used as scraps because their zippers failed? But....once I received the Fixnzip, there was not a zipper to be repaired. It's not that I wanted my things to break....but I needed to give the product a solid try! And then it happened. My winter jacket's zipper sort of broke. The stop at the bottom of the teeth fell off and the somehow the lower teeth became bent. There was no way for the zipper pull to fit on the bottom half and make it up the tracks to close the zipper. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Fixnzip was able to make the zipper work - but in this case crudely because the lower portion of the jacket still couldn't zip and would eventually unravel itself up the top. It still allowed me to use my jacket and make it through the rest of winter. The idea is genius and simple. I am going to replace

I haven't washed my hair in 3 months, worn deodorant in 7 months, and I wear period underwear!

This post chronicles my experiments with going natural - no shampoo, no conditioner, no maxi pads, limited tampon use, no deodorant, cutting my own hair. Also experiments with charcoal deodorant recipes, homemade toothpaste, and diy period panties. Read on if your interested in finding out what happens when you stop BUYING commercial products.  Advertising became "a thing" in the early 1900s. Some of the first successfully advertised products encouraged women to get out and buy xyz shampoo because it would make you "popular." How ridiculous is that!!??? But, of course, advertising was new at the time and people believed what they read. And that is how the personal care industry was born. Personal razors, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, perfumes, maxi pads, etc. Body odor and cleanliness have been issues since the beginning of time, but people had ways to take care of it. They didn't need the commercial products and in many ways they cause more harm

Spring Garden Update May 2016

A few solid rains and some sunny days have brought the garden alive - and the forest! I was able to try out two new wild foods this week - ramps and mustard garlic.  Wild Ramps - harvested sustainably I also located wild currants and found wild blueberry bushes for the first time since my childhood - of course the blueberries are not nearby, but gave me hope that I can find them on other excursions. The currants are an easy bike ride away. Now....onto the garden. First the bad news - my transplanted asparagus appears to have died. All of my forest plots have put up asparagus and I have eaten two meals from them thus far. The garden plot is in a warmer area with better soil and there have been no signs of life. Sad.... Grow asparagus - grow! Also: one gooseberry, one grape, most of my strawberry transplants and one new blueberry bush appear to have died. Squirrels and rabbits ate half of my tulips... The good news ....the forest asparagus is performing better than eve