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Spring is Here!

Spring is here and it's time to take a quick look at the garden beginnings. Everything looks so dead in winter and early spring, so any green gets me excited. Here are some tulips I planted near the garden.  The rhubarb is starting to unfurl. I am so excited to see that it made it through the winter. I have 3 patches of this but only two are up now - the one deep in the forest will probably take a little while longer to wake up.  The thyme looks like it never even noticed winter.  The garlic chives look so spindly and weak. They were little all last summer too. Hopefully this will be the year when they take off and become big and overgrowing like their onion chive cousins.  When I saw this growing near my blueberries I wondered what happened? Since it was in a straight line I knew it had to be planted and not wild. I did plant ramps in this location but that was 3 years ago and they take a whopping 7 years to germinate. I think I must have planted some china stripe g

What if I Fall Oh but my darling what if you fly , Inspirational quote print, Wall Art Print 8 x 10 inches UNFRAMED Poster reviiew

For years, I let my children decorate their own rooms. They were the ugliest rooms in the house... Now that they are growing up and we may be thinking about downsizing, I've encouraged them to get their rooms in order. That's where this handmade print came in. I am working on a black & white themed room for my daughter and this print worked perfectly. It's such a great quote. It's stylish and it is versatile. I am going to frame this in a matted frame but you could use it in so many ways. It came wrapped up artistically and is just a really great and unique piece. Both my daughter and I are very happy with it. **update** I have finished her room and this is her focus wall with the Print framed. All of the frames came from our local goodwill scrap bin. I think it's unique and fun. I received this print for free in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was received. Affiliate links are included in this article.