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Making Hackberry Energy Bars and Hackberry Milk #wildcrafting

Hackberries and Hackberry leaf - offset elongated heart shape - often with nipple galls I read a lot of wildcrafting books, and almost all of them parrot the same information. This leads me to believe may of these  "authors" have never actually tried any of the wild foods they discuss - I find the most errors with black walnuts , acorns , milkweed, aronia berries , sunberry, and hackberry. Here's what the parroted information is for the hackberry. Basically....the hackberry is full of protein....grind it up and make it into an energy bar. Amazingly, when you google making hackberries into an energy bar, there are no examples of people actually doing it. That changes today. Because I tried to do it! For the record - I really like hackberries. The trees are stately and the berries taste good. They are not "berries" like most people are used to. They are hard and dry. The outer layer of skin is sweet and tastes like a fig - minus the seeds. It's ver

Overlapping Your Healthcare Career with the Transportation Industry

Overlapping Your Healthcare Career with the Transportation Industry Many industries in the job market today rely greatly on medical professionals to keep workers safe and healthy. The transportation industry in particular relies on its drivers being in top condition for driving long stints out on the open road and operating heavy machinery. You can make an impact in this industry and also play a vital role in keeping the economy going by taking on new opportunities like DOT medical examiner training and coursework that you can do in your own time. Your Role as a Doctor You may wonder what your duties may entail if you were to take advantage of this opportunity. As with working in a hospital or in a private practice, your primary obligation will be to ensure the physical wellness of your patients. Drivers take on a lot of physical stress with their jobs. They sit for long hours at a time, putting themselves at risk of blood clots in their legs and feet. They also strain their

Easy DIY Holiday Crafts using Free Things you have around the house or yard

Every holiday, there is the desire to dress up our home for the holidays. But I don't want to spend a bunch of money on decorations - which for all intents and purposes are "nonessential." So we rotate our decor items, mix and match, re-purpose, and find things from nature to add to our regular decor. Here are a few ideas for you:  This is a cookie stand that we fill with different items each season. The pinecones (free) are always present. We spritz them with essential oils to scent the room. For Christmas we add various ornaments, candles, and gold baubles. In the fall, we add little pumpkins and gourds. For spring/summer we add little lemons and limes, cherries, and oranges. These black candle holders sit on our dining room table all year long. We just swap out the tops. For most of the year, they hold big cream colored candles. At Christmas time, they are topped with hurricane vases from the dollar store filled with salt and a couple inexpensive ornaments. S

Should You Trust Amazon Reviews....

Over 17 million people have left reviews on amazon. The last published number of reviewers I can find was in 2013. Since then the number of reviewers has probably grown. Before I buy anything (other than necessities or things that can't be bought online) I check amazon's reviews. Why? Because it's always been a great place to give a wide variety of opinions on a product. I don't just look at the stars, but carefully read through the reviews across the "star spectrum" to find common themes and potential issues. In the past, this used to work well. But times of changed! I am now privy to the inner workings of the amazon review system and what I know would shock you! I am going to give you a little piece of that information. Why? Because I think people should know the truth. It is not in my best interest to divulge this information but here it goes..... Most amazon reviews are paid for - in one way or another. For years, this went on and you didn't

Sport-it Yoga Leggings Review

I get the chance to try out a lot of things on this blog. Most items are okay or pretty good - only a few are great. The  Sport-it Yoga Leggings  are great! They are honestly the best leggings I have ever worn. Me wearing leggings? Yes, all leggings look horrible on me, but I like them for workout gear and for under my pants in the winter as an insulating layer. So I own and wear leggings. Why do these leggings rock like nobody's business? 1. They stay put. Since I wear leggings as an insulation layer for at least 4 months of the year, this is a huge deal. It's also huge when you're working out. Who wants their waist and to roll down or their pant legs to creep up? Nobody. 2. They are not low rise! They keep your midsection firmly and safely intact so you can workout without concern that your tummy will pop out - and if worn under your pants, they prevent plumber crack! 3. The hidden pockets are amazing! I put all sorts of things inside and then did a bunch of