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Eating Daylily Tubers

Daylily is edible. Well, some of them are edible. I have two varieties on my property. Stella De Oro and an unnamed Orange day lily. Today I was digging up some of the offshoots of the orange day lily and I decided it was high time I tasted one of the tubers. In case you were not aware - the flowers, flower buds, ripe seeds, immature leave stalks, and tubers are edible. I have tasted the flowers and they were fine - bland like a squash blossom. Next spring/summer I will saute a few flower buds to assess their value as a food crop. But back to the roots. When you dig up a day lily - to transplant it or thin it, you will encounter all sorts of roots and nodules. The lumpy tubers are edible. Here is the root I ate: Dirty and icky looking, huh? Maybe I should have selected a more plump and less rooty one, but I planted all the others and this was the only one on it's own. I scrubbed it clean. I had read that just scrubbing them takes of the outer skin. The book was

Scary School #4 Zillions of Zombies Review

My children loved the Scary School book series. We started reading them as soon as they came out and my kids were still at the age where I read to them every night. Scary school was a Godsend because it was one of the first books we read together that was intelligently written and funny for kids and adults! They were also long enough to last but not so long that the kids lost interest. They helped spark the love of reading for my son. Before the Scary School books, he floundered halfheartedly between inappropriate booger and underwear books, never really getting that craving to read. But he loved the scary school books. They seemed off-limits and rebellious. There was violence and bad guys. I don't remember how long it took between book releases, but by the 2nd or 3rd book, my son was reading on his own and he couldn't wait to dive into the books as soon as they came in the mail. He read them in the car, he walked and read, he wouldn't put them down. Fast forward no

How to eat Red Oak Acorns

Acorns are edible! From red or white oaks - here is a step-by-step guide on how to eat acorns.  I ate my first acorn this summer - a white oak acorn in a public park. I cracked it, peeled it, and stuck it in my mouth. It tasted a lot like a sunflower seed. I was surprised at how pleasant it was. I swallowed it and that was that. Then I noticed a bitter taste in my mouth. It took a few minutes to get the taste to go away. Tannin is sneaky like that. Red Oak Leaf from our Backyard We have a large Northern red oak in our backyard. I ate one of the acorns today. It was sooooo bitter! I have always "known" that red acorns are more bitter than white, so my taste test wasn't all that surprising.  Even still, it was time to see what we could do with the acorns in our yard. So we gathered up a bucket of red acorns to turn into flour. We are fortunate to live near a large nature preserve filled with mature maples, oaks, and basswood trees. Most of the oaks are re