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Plants Gone Wild - 2015 Garden Part 9

It's now late June, and the garden has been getting hairy wild. Here are a few updates:  Peas gone wild!  Flax forming seed pods  Flax tied up in "sheaths of wheat" to facilitate drying and allow the tomatoes to get more light. My patio herb garden gone wild (sort of.)  A look at the blueberries and a tale of two strawberries: Both bowls are identical, but one is in full sun. The other is partially shaded by an old oak tree part of the day. Guess which one! We have been plagued by a rabbit family this year! They have chewed no less than 7 full rabbit sized holes into the fence. I keep repairing and they keep chewing! Here are some of the reinforcements! I fixed the largest holes with galvanized fencing. The smaller ones have been fixed with either kite string or plastic knives. I know, I know. Pretty horrid. I am going to fence the entire garden bottom with galvanized fencing soon. The rabbit(s) have eaten half the buckwheat, the pe

Why I CHOSE to be FAT!

One of the most popular articles on this blog is the article on weight loss with the Wii Fit.   People followed along as I went from the 120's down to 108lbs. After 5 years of parenthood - and zero exercise - I jumped in to the Wii Fit as an "easy and fun" way to get in shape. Then I left the Wii for real exercise and became quite addicted. In the end, I brought my 5'4" body down to 103/104 pounds and 14% body fat. Then things went bad. I kept working out, but I started losing strength. I got weaker, and I got sick more often. Friends commented that they thought I was anorexic. Not anorexic in the eating since but in the exercise obsessive sense. That made me mad, but real friends tell you the truth and I started thinking. I made the decision to go cold turkey and let my body recover from all the exercise. I let myself put on weight. At first, I didn't really put on a ton of weight. The goal was to allow my body to rest - put on some weight (hopefully

2015 Garden Part 8

Time flies while you're gardening and it's been over 2 weeks since my last garden update. This season has been a mix of rewards and struggles. As always, right? So let's hop into some of the highlights: The amaranth is growing - slowly but surely. The growth has all been vegetative and I have not noticed any signs of flower heads. I have eaten a few of the leaves (raw) and they taste almost exactly like spinach. Depending on how many seeds they end up creating, I may grow this instead of spinach from here on out. This blueberry (with the blueberry inspiration rock below) has taken the hint and put out massive amounts of berries this year! The chippewa bush is also full of berries. The Northland has created a "new bush" while the old one dies, and the forest blueberry is surviving well but with limited berries. The bok choy has created a mass quantity of seed pods. We opened them and ate a few. They were like peas, mixed with asparagus, mixed with g

Planting a Garden near the Road

Pretty much every gardening guide recommends placing your garden as far from the road as possible. Why? Roads carry dirt, car exhaust, oil, gasoline, and road salts. None of that belongs in your garden. But what can you do if your only sunny spot borders the road (as it does for me?) Plant a barrier. I planted a row of spirea and lilac bushes to shield my garden from the road salt and pollution that inevitably finds its way into our lawn. Is it perfect? No. Does it take some of the salt and pollution? Yes. Does it steal some of the sunlight? Yes. You will need to plant hardy low-lying shrubs and be vigilant about pruning. Does it also attract pollinators? Yes. Choose shrubs that flower. They will attract more bees and beneficial insects.