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How to grow seedlings in the winter in Northern climates

I recently read a fascinating book about growing world record tomatoes . The growing results were amazing and I plan to incorporate some of Mr. Wilber's tricks in my garden....but living in zone 4 means we will never have outrageously productive and/or large plants. They only have 2-4 warm months to grow, and most of that time may include sub optimal temperatures and/or heavy rains/snow. Even still, I have a plan to start growing my garden earlier this year and improve overall yields. I have four plans. 1. Winter Sowing: This is most likely dangerous in zone 4, but I plan on winter sowing a few Siberian heirloom tomatoes, leeks, marigolds, rhubarb, ground cherries, and possibly a few others. I am only going to use a few seeds in case it is a dismal failure. 2. Mini Greenhouses within the garden: I plan to direct sow peas, swiss chard, scarlet pole beans, radishes, beets, butternut squash, buttercup squash, and sugar loaf delicata earlier than normal. I will plant them mid/la