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2014 Garden - Month 1 Update

It has been 1 month since the 2014 garden was planted. Here is the pictures. Asparagus and Tomato Bed - The asparagus produced well and is now ferned out for summer. Closer view of the tomatoes. They grew really quickly. 12 plants were put in, but I only had 5 cages so a very ugly and haphazard cage/wire system was set up. It's horrible, and will not be used again. I am on the lookout for inexpensive cages. Beets (yum-o!) and Zucchini. The zucchini plant stems broke in half and almost died from the rain, so I stuck the plant back together and buried it deeper. Tape is an amazing invention! Green Beans (you can see the peas growing behind and up the fence) Blueberry Plants - Mulched in pine needles Blueberries have formed on the bushes and will ripen in another month. Carrots, Ground Cherries, Cosmos, Leeks, and a wild Goosefoot. Cucumbers and Chives Peas climbing the fence. These peas are REALLY tall with only a few flowers on top. I