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Dbelt Review - Hottest Summer Accessory

*Complimentary products were received for review purposes I recently had the chance to review this summer's "Hottest Accessory." Personally, I don't usually tap into the new "it" fads, but this item is the real deal. It's called the Dbelt  and it's pretty amazing. The down and dirty explanation is that this is a slim fitting fanny pack. But it is so much cooler than a fanny pack. It's basically a waist/hip belt that can hold your credit cards, ID, key, cell phone, and headphones. It's designed to fit a woman's body so well that you can work out while wearing it. And it does fit well. When you order one, be sure to read the size ranges carefully because it needs to fit snugly. Measure self and buy the right size. The one I received fit perfectly. Here is my 2 cents: This belt is MADE for women who exercise and have no where to put their personal items. It would be awesome for that application. That being said, I didn't we