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Lean Body Fat Wallet Review

The new year often brings resolutions to lose weight and/or get in shape. I recently read a book that promises to help you with both. It's called: Lean Body Fat Wallet.  What is it? A book to help you control your weight and your finances Who is it for? Anyone, but predominately women, that want to get control over their financial and physical health. I say women because the way the book is written would most likely appeal to women, but the contents are helpful for anyone. Did you learn anything from the book or is it a rehash of the eat less, spend less mantra? Yes! As many who read this blog know, I do not have a weight or spending problem. I have the opposite problem - I do not enjoy spending money and when I'm sad/worried/anxious I feel too sick to eat. Plus I don't like most foods, so... BUT, I did learn a trick or two from reading this book. I would say it's a good guide to improving your health overall (emotional, spiritual, financial, and  physical)

Bank on Yourself - Book Review

In this time of crisis, does Bank On Yourself have the answers you need? I reviewed the book and gave my 2 cents. THE  BANK  ON  YOURSELF  REVOLUTION : Fire Your Banker, Bypass Wall Street, and Take Control of Your Own Financial Future by Pamela Yellen The title of the book by Pamela Yellen beckoned me to read it. After all, as a gen-xer, I started investing just in time for two major stock market crashes. I have now had enough experience to know I want to handle my own finances, and will not hire another financial advisor.  So naturally, the "fire your banker...etc." appealed to me. I had to do a double take at the author's name considering the newly confirmed FED chairman is named Janet  Yellen. Just a happy coincidence, I'm sure. But the fact that I was drawn to the title, says a lot about the book right off the bat. The entire book is very emotionally charged. Buzz words and reminders of money lost are consistently repeated to get you interested in r

A BOLD Prediction

I am about to make a BOLD prediction: one that I hope never comes true.  I predict that the world will encounter a food crisis of epic proportion in MY lifetime (so...anytime between 1 day and about 70 years.) That food crisis will involve a dearth of fresh produce, specifically hitting soft fruits and berries the hardest.  What exactly do I mean? I mean the world's ability to produce peaches, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, and blueberries will be drastically reduced. At first this will lead to a lower supply and higher prices. Eventually, it may lead to no production at all.  I believe this will occur because of the spotted wing drosphila. It reproduces rapidly (each female producing up to 100 offspring every days) and it is virtually indestructible.  Each female fly has the ability to destroy up to 100 fruits every day. The eggs hatch within 3 days and the maggots virtually obliterate the fruit. The hatched females are fertile almost immediately

Free Lego Table

This season in our lives has brought us to the realization that our "babies" are no longer babies. So we cleaned house over the holidays and donated all of their "baby" items. No more character sleeping bags, 100 piece puzzles, toddler helmets, dolls, etc. In the process we've donated a ton of toys. They just don't play with them the same anymore. One toy that they consistently play with is Legos. They just love them, and I want to keep them interested for as long as  possible.  So.....I donated their little tykes mini lego table and we went on the hunt for something more "grown up."  I found this coffee table on craigslist for the whopping good price of FREE and my husband picked it up. Of course it was full of animal hair, stains, and was half broken.  He quickly went to work fixing it up so it was solid and sturdy. I cleaned the mystery solids off of the surface. Then my husband attached a few flat lego pieces we had onto the c

How do you stop your cat from pooping on the floor at Christmas?

Christmas is our cat's favorite and worst holiday....all at once. She loves to jump in and out of boxes, bat ornaments, and bite bows off of packages. But she doesn't like to socialize. Every year, our cat makes it perfectly clear that she can not stand holiday visitors. She hides behind the couch or under our bed.....for days. This unfortunate situation leads to many floor pooping instances and is a bummer for everyone involved. So how do you fix this situation? This year, we were proactive and put a litter box in our bathroom. Then, instead of letting her hide behind the couch: we locker her in our room. I know that sounds horrible, but she was either going to cower in the room or cower behind the couch. We made the choice for her and she spent 5 days cowering in my room. I put her into the litter box on the first day and she promptly scratched 30% of it onto the floor. Annoying, but at least I knew she was paying attention and was aware of the "new" litte