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Ways to Save Money with the Family Budget

Ways to Save Money with the Family Budget Americans are becoming smarter about how they spend their money, and they’re not afraid to do things a little differently to be a smart spender. We’re becoming more aware of debt and how it affects so much of our lives, and we’re not shy about shopping at discount stores or using coupons and online deals to purchase what we want. But with all the helpful tips out there that are commonly being utilized, individuals are still constantly looking for ways to trim their family budgets and save money. Check Your Debt DailyFinance shares that the average American’s net worth has drop by as much as 40% because of poor credit issues. Bad credit will prevent you from making purchases, and even keep you from getting a job you’re applying for. If you want to be a smart spender you would be wise to check out  NerdWallet's list of credit cards with 0% interest rates on balance transfers  and consolidate as much of your debt as possible so you c

Attention Moms: Scary School 3 is now available!

This is an emergency message for all moms with kids out of school - You will want to head out to get the new Scary School book (Scary School: the Northern Frights!) It's available now, and it should provide you with at least 1 day free of complaints. One day is the bare minimum, and that's how it went down at our house. Our review copy arrived just as we were about to head out to run errands. I looked at the package and asked my kids, "hmm...who do we know named Derek?" They thought about it for a few seconds and then yelled out, "Derek the Ghost!" They were super excited. We've had the chance to read all of the Scary School series and we really enjoyed them. But after we opened the package, this book started to get on my nerves..... My son would NOT put it down. He read it in the car on the way to the grocery store. He read it as we walked into the grocery store, through the grocery store, back into the car, then into the house and didn't