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Delightful Moments with Geico

Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact on your day, your mood, your overall well being. As a stay at home mom, my day can get pretty boring. I complete the same repetitive tasks and it often seems like my efforts are unrewarded. I mean, how many times do you have to tell your kids to pick up their backpacks before they actually do it? Does everything have to make so many crumbs? And laundry... But then, out of the blue, one of my kids will say thank you for something I've done. Usually something small and insignificant, but knowing that my small effort had a meaningful result, brightens my day. I also feel delight when I do something that saves our family money. Short term gains are great, but nothing beats making long term impacts - like refinancing your mortgage, finding a better CD rate, or finding a different insurance carrier. I for one, do not like calling insurance companies, so switching carriers is not on my "fun list." But I still make

7 Weeks to Add 10 Pounds (of muscle!)

Want to add muscle quickly? Want to add muscle at all ! Then you might want to check out 7 Weeks to 10 Pounds of Muscle .  This book is a good guide to building muscle. It's a very quick read and a very easy plan to follow. Maybe too easy? It just doesn't seem hard enough, but it it works, then who's complaining?  There are a lot of great tips and stories from the authors to help you avoid common mistakes in muscle building.  It's an easy enough program that you can do it at home. The minimum equipment is a set of dumbbells and/or a bar with removable weights. That's it! They lay out exactly what you need to do and on what days. The workouts take less than a half hour and there are 3 rest days every week. The diet suggestions are easy too, but were the hardest part for me to implement.  The way I eat naturally....apparently...results in a thinner, less muscular shape. Ugh. So I've tried to adopt the eating strategy in this book. It's act

Low Carb Diets for Better Health

Healthy living is important for everyone but it's even more important for someone with diabetes. Without the proper diet and care, diabetes can be fatal. But more often, its debilitating. So many diabetics lose their feet or legs, lose feeling in their limbs, lose their eye sight and eventually lose everything. A big part of a healthy lifestyle is being active. Getting outside, doing the things you love, and moving your body go a long way to adding to your general health. The other biggie is healthy eating habits. Food is so prevalent and the wrong types of food are more available than ever! Diabetics should consult a doctor or dietitian before they embark on any of the diets available today. They really should follow a plan that is a specific for them. Most often, that's a low carb diet plan . That plan should include plenty of real, natural, and unprocessed foods. Yes, those are all the same category! That means, unadulterated meats and dairy, fresh fruits and vege

Healthier Portion Sizes - Can Quaker Popped Snacks Help?

This New Year, I didn't make any formal resolutions. Instead, I opted to make small steps to improve my overall health. One of those steps is eating smaller snack portions. My kids are great at limiting their meal portions and then gorging on snack foods. I tend to eat big meals and big snacks. Something has to change. Here are my 5 small steps to decreasing unhealthy snacking: 1. Limit what you bring into the house . If there are no cookies or candies, then none will be eaten. 2. Fill your meals and cart with fruits and veggies.  By planning vegetable filled meals and snacks, there is less room in your day (or cart) for lower quality foods. 3. Ask yourself if you are truly hungry . Before you pour yourself a big bowl of something, ask yourself if you're truly hungry or if you're just bored or stressed out. 4. Eat what you really want . Sometimes I over snack because I don't eat what I really crave. If I want chocolate, but I eat some crackers, I'm still