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Emergency Preparation for Northern Climates Series - Part 1

Superstorm Sandy should have served as a big wake up call to this country on many levels. So many people lost everything, and even more went for weeks without power - right before winter. For those that live in Southern states, winter is an entirely different animal. In fact, almost everything about survival is different in the North versus the South, so I thought I'd discuss emergency preparation for colder climates. If you've ever watched Doomsday Preppers, then you've probably seen a lot of desert prep. Everything you've learned is beneficial, but you'll need to take extra steps to survive in the cold. Here are the main differences and issues you need to take into account. Salt Heat Vitamin D Food Water Bursting Pipes and Backed up Sewers Skincare Let's examine each one individually. Salt  Contrary to the cultural low-salt craze, we NEED salt. More specifically, we need iodized salt . Unless you are near the ocean and will have access to

Shelf Safe Milk in Your Child's Lunch Box

I remember the first time I encountered Shelf Safe milk. I was grocery shopping and I saw it on the shelf. I freaked out and grabbed all of the milk. I couldn't believe somebody took it out and just left it there! I ran to the refrigerated section and tried to find where it belonged. When I couldn't find a place, I read the packaging and realized that it was "supposed" to be out of the fridge. I couldn't wrap my head around it as I put the product back on the shelf. I am the type of person that cries when milk spills. If I take milk out of the fridge, I put it back in within seconds. You will not find milk sitting on my counter or at the breakfast table. And if I find it on your counter, I will rudely grab it and put it away. I won't be able to focus until it's cold. Our lives changed when I started experimenting with "other" milks (like almond or soy) and I got used to the Tetra Pak packaging. I looked at shelf safe milk many times o

How to Lift Heavy in Your Home Gym

This week I watched a web video where a 113 pound woman did squats with more than 100lbs on her back. This isn't rare, and it's not that big of a deal. Most women should be able to squat their own body weight. Can you? The answer is probably. I'm guessing that I could squat 100 pounds. I have no idea because it's too dangerous to do alone. You need to safely get that weight over your head and safely behind your neck. Then you need to work yourself until failure and somehow get the weight back of your head....again safely! So unless you work out with a partner (all kinds of gross) or you workout at a gym with either a trainer, friend, or squat rack - then I guess you'll never workout to your maximum potential. All of this is true, but it's also an excuse. An excuse for not working out hard enough and an excuse to buy a gym membership. Believe me, I lusted over a gym membership for years. I'm over it now. I have searched in vain for a fantastic boo

Just Dance 4 - Review

Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this post. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective . #UbiChamps When I think of the holidays, I think about video games. Sounds odd, but it actually makes sense. Every year, I come up with holiday shopping lists and video games are on the list. Since it's cold outside, it makes sense to hunker down in the house and play games together. Plus - if you play active games, you generate body heat and burn off some of the calories from holiday goodies. I am a huge fan of fighting/adventure, fitness, and party games. Since I have young kids, party games are fantastic. Everyone can be involved and they are really simple to play. We recently had the opportunity to review  Just Dance 4  for the Nintendo Wii. If you have children, then I'd recommend you consider the Just Dance games. They are fun and easy to play. Plus, everyone can get in the game. I'

Preparing for the End of our Civilization

As we approach December 2012 (the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar) it seems that everyone is talking about THE END . The end of the world. The end of our current lifestyle. The end of life as we know it. The Middle East is uprising, Europeans are rioting, almost all governments are rapidly printing new money, and regardless of who wins this November, taxes will most likely be going up (if not overtly, then subversively.) But is the end of the world coming? I don't know - maybe. If you look back on what people thought decades and centuries ago, they were concerned about the same things we are today. The war between Israel and Iran has been broiling for more than 20 years. Our governments have always been taxing those who work and giving a reprieve to their "constituents" and their cronies. In reality, nothing has changed - except for the rampant rise in the money supply and the rise in global unemployment, particularly youth unemployment. You d

Healthy Habits for Diabetics

Healthy living is important for everyone but it's even more important for someone with diabetes. Without the proper diet and care, diabetes can be fatal. But more often, its debilitating. So many diabetics lose their feet or legs, lose feeling in their limbs, lose their eye sight and eventually lose everything. A big part of a healthy lifestyle is being active. Getting outside, doing the things you love, and moving your body go a long way to adding to your general health. The other biggie is healthy eating habits. Food is so prevalent and the wrong types of food are more available than ever! Diabetics should consult a doctor or dietitian before they embark on any of the diets available today. They really should follow a plan that is a specific type 2 diabetes diet . That plan should include plenty of real, natural, and unprocessed foods. Yes, those are all the same category! That means, unadulterated meats and dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables, and possibly whole grains.