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Hero Pig Saves Goat From Drowning

Nectresse Natural Sweetener

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of NECTRESSE™Sweetener for SocialSpark . All opinions are 100% mine.   If you're like most people, then you probably enjoy sweets. I know I do! But I don't enjoy all the sugar... Good news! There's a new all natural sweetener available! It's called NECTRESSE™Sweetener and it's made from Monk Fruit extract. It comes in little packets or in a multi-use canister. NECTRESSE is the only 100% natural sweetener made from monk fruit. Lisa Ling is the celebrity spokesperson for NECTRESSE Sweetener and here's what she has to say about it: “From the moment I tried NECTRESSE™ No Calorie Sweetener, I loved it. Not only is it all-natural and calorie free, it was incredibly delicious! Made with deliciously sweet monk fruit extract, NECTRESSE™ Sweetener tastes like sugar and satisfies my sweet tooth in a way that fits my healthy lifestyle and is yummy too. In fact, I love it s

Small Girls Can't Lift - A Grocery Shopping Tale....

Have you ever noticed the old ladies getting dropped off or picked up right outside of stores? At first glance, it seems like their men are being chivalrous....but it only leads to weakness. Use it or lose it, right?  I like to be able to do things for myself, and I hope to be able to do things for myself until the day I die. Today was one of those days. Not the dying, the doing.... I keep forgetting to buy water softener salt. Ugh. I missed the last sale at our grocery store, so I'd have to wait another 3 months to get a good enough price to buy salt. And of course, we actually need salt, so I headed off to Walmart where I knew it would be reasonably priced (minus a sale.)  Since I don't shop at Walmart often, I walked over to a very elderly associate and asked her where they keep the water softener salt.  She said "what?" and I repeated the question...twice. Then she said, "oh it's right around this corner dear." I said

Today is the day to change your life

If you are one of the many people that is struggling with drug abuse (or even just using drugs!) then I urge you to look into help. There is so much information available online these days and so many people willing to help you. Check out the  Atlanta drug abuse rehab centers  to find out information about drug and alcohol rehab. You can find help for both adults and teens. They offer private treatment and individual assistance. The time to get help is now! If you're afraid or embarrassed to get help at  Atlanta Drug Rehab , then please consider the alternatives. Is it more embarrassing to admit you have an issue and ask for help or is it worse to end up in an accident or other terrible situation? Your life can be brighter and healthier before you know it. It just takes one step in the right direction to get you on the path to a healthier life. Take one step a day. The first can be calling for help. Then eat a few more vegetables each day. Go for a daily walk. Call a fri

Then end of the Summer Garden

We are the end of this year's gardening season, and the results were mixed. 2012 turned out to be an amazing strawberry and tomato year (28 quarts of tomatoes canned so far, and so many more eaten and left to preserve...) It was an odd year for winter squash. All of my squash ripened and finished off in July. That's not supposed to happen. But I ate them, and they were delicious, so who am I to judge, I guess. We had battles with worms of all kind and the hot summer mixed with my rampant killing, left us with fewer and smaller fall raspberries than expected. Next year will be our first year without summer raspberries. I am killing all the canes at the end of September and scruffing up the dirt, so any last bugs will be killed by the winter cold. Two of the blueberries may be replaced next spring, so I'm expecting a light blueberry season. And the strawberries? I always guess wrong on those. If I think it looks like a good season, we get very few berries. If I

Yahoo Women Who Shine Contest

Everybody knows a special woman that truly shines. In my case, I know quite a few. So I decided to enter one of them in the Yahoo Women Who Shine contest . I entered my sister because she is a mom that truly does shine, but she doesn't get enough praise for the hard work she does. Take a look at what I wrote about her below and then head on over to her entry here and cast your vote . The winner will receive $10,000. Veronica shines because she is a true example of what a mother is supposed to be, but in being a super mom, she hasn't received much praise and deserves a chance to really shine!  She puts the needs of her family and community above her own. Over the past few years, she has run two successful businesses, held a full time job, raised three children, actively pursued change in her school system, and managed a homestead. She takes time for her children and encourages them to be their best. She runs her own graphics business but also supports other area busin

Your Snacks are NOT healthy!

On the second day of school, my daughter came home and said, "My teacher says my snacks are not healthy enough!" Holy OMG! Forget the fact that she addressed a child with this issue instead of calling/emailing the parent, and let's just focus on the fact that I was blasted as an unhealthy snack sender. In order to understand the situation, we need some background. Our school requires a healthy snack to be sent every day. There are only 5 rules: The snack must be able to be eaten in less than 5 minutes. The snack must be able to eaten neatly and quietly The snack must be "healthy." The snack can not contain nuts The snack can not be fruit snacks, granola bars, or fruit "leather" as these are considered candy Because I've been playing this game for the last 3 years, I would also add the following 2 rules: The snack must survive a backpack trip to school. The snack must survive 6+ hours without refrigeration (snacks are packed at

What Happens When you Die

At some point, we all need to deal with the inevitable. We will all bury at least one loved one in our lifetime, and eventually they will bury us. It's not a fun topic, but it's something to consider. As a gift to your family, keep your records organized, make sure your affairs are in order (i.e. have a will and make sure it's legal), and maybe even consider how you'll provide for that one  final expense . Most of us haven't looked into funeral and burial expenses, but we can surmise that they aren't free and are most likely not inexpensive. And really, do you have time to shop around and "hunt for a bargain" when a tragedy strikes? Stay organized and enjoy each day you have on this Earth.

Start Your Best Life Now and Enter to Win one of 10 Kindle Fires

Over the last 4 years, I have taken daily steps to improve my life. In fact, that's when I started this blog - with the tagline always being - One Mom on a journey to a healthier existence.  Focusing on Health is the key to happiness and fulfillment in life. But when I say health, I don't just mean physical health. You need to sit down and take a hard look at all aspects of your health - spiritual, mental, emotional, financial, social, and physical.   Four years ago, I was not healthy. Not in any sense of the word. So I sat down in front of a big white board and I wrote down everything I thought I was missing or wanted in my life. I cried as I wrote out the things I really needed. Since I had young children and a traveling husband, you can guess what a few of my big needs were...exercise, adult mental stimulation, my own space, a sense of accomplishment, a reprieve from the expectation of perfection... The list was pretty long. Then I set about figuring out what I c

Fall Gardening Plans

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts Miracle-Gro for SocialSpark . All opinions are 100% mine.   Now that it's fall, it's time to pack away the garden, right? Not so fast!! Fall can be a great time to garden! So many plants can't handle the summer heat (and lack of moisture) but thrive in fall conditions. Maybe you live in the south and you could actually grow peas or spinach in the fall?  I live in the frigid north, but even we can grow a few things each fall - like spinach, lettuce, some berries, and a host of flowers. I have been so horrible with flowers lately, that my Fall gardening project this year is going to be adding fall color to our yard. I have already put out some mums. Don't these mums just make you feel like Thanksgiving time... I'll be adding some ornamental grasses and bulbs. The grasses look best in the summer but provide visual interest all year long. An

How to Healh a Painful Relationship and if Necessary, Part As Friends

How do you have a healthy relationship? This is the million dollar question, and  How To Heal A Painful Relationship: And If Necessary, Part As Friends  by Bill Ferguson comes close to answering that question. The title may convince you that this book is all about divorce, but that isn't the case. All of us have had less than perfect relationships - with our friends, our families, and our significant others. This book gives you a great way to look at your relationship and to change the things you can control. I read the book this summer when my marriage was in a "good place" and I had already settled a lot of my own emotional drama. So when I read it, it all made sense and sounded like good, actionable advice. I wondered how I would receive the information if I was angry at the time or in the middle of relationship turmoil. In that case, I sent the book to a friend that is in the middle of a potential divorce. She's now read it twice. I am hoping she

Win a Trip to Disney World!!

Now that school has started, it's time to plan your next vacation! And I'm going to recommend you travel with your kids.  Sure, you can't snorkel or cliff dive with a baby in your arms...but you can take babies on almost all local and US oriented vacations. School aged children can do almost everything an adult would want to do, so take them abroad, on adventure vacations, and all US trips. Some locations are extremely kid friendly - like Disney World. They're even set up so parents can ride on the "big" rides and have someone watch their littlest children. How would you like to take your family to Disneyland? How would you like to go for FREE? BodyLogicMD is running a Disney Vacation contest right now!  Check out this  contest page  for your chance to enter. The winner will receive a 3 day, 2 night trip for 4 to Disney World! The contest runs from August 28, 2012 to October 5, 2012. One Grand Prize winner will win the Disney va

A mom on her own....

Both of my children started school this week...for the whole day. Leading up to the big day, we talked about what they were most excited to learn at school, their worries, their plans. But we also talked about mom. They were deeply worried about me. I was going to be alone all day long . I was going to be lonely. They decided that after they got on the bus, I would most likely go to my room and stare at the wall until they got home. I smile at the thought. The truth is, I got busy as soon as they hopped on the bus.  I did all my usual things, but without distractions or guilt. I exercised for the first time in weeks. What??? It's something a non-mom couldn't understand, but I have a hard time exercising when my children are home. It's not because they bother me when I'm doing it (when they were babies and toddlers that was a different story.) It's because I feel guilty when I'm not with them or watching them or helping them name it. When they

It's almost football season at BW3!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Buffalo Wild Wings for SocialSpark . All opinions are 100% mine.   It's almost fall and that season! That means games, get togethers with friends, chips and dip, and lots and lots of cleaning! What???  Sure, none of the guys think about the cleaning and cooking that go into football get togethers. They only think of the games, the snacks, the friends, and the fun.  To survive football season, what if you had all your events at BW3? Then everyone could be as loud as they want, watch the game on multiple screens, be around other fans, eat as much as they want....and mom can just chill without any cooking or cleaning. Sounds like a win-win to me! You don't even have to plan the menu! Everyone orders what they want or you order a bunch of everything for people to share! In case you didn't know, Buffalo Wild Wings is a sports bar with a full menu.