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Eating (and Living) according to your Dosha

Everyone wants to know the secrets for being slim, but the most important thing is to be healthy and well balanced. What if you could do the things that were right for YOU and end up leaner and healthier in the process?

People ask me about weight loss and how to stay thin, but even though I can give blanket advice that may help them, all of us are individual. Though we're not as unique as you might think.

I've always thought I was a unique type of person. I'm quick and analytic, but I'm also crazy and disorganized. I get cold and I hate crackers. And..... I thought that made me "different."

Well, it does make me different - from some people. But it also makes me very much alike a lot of people. People that have my same Dosha.

What is a Dosha? It's an eastern concept (related to yoga) that categorizes people according to their qualities. And it turns out it categorizes me quite well.

In reading through what makes up each dosha, I realized I was almost everything the Vata Dosha described. I wasn't really unique - I was just "that type."

But whatever. The point is - learning how to eat/live according to what you need to balance your dosha makes for a healthier and happier life.

You can take a quick quiz here or a number of other sites online (just google dosha quiz.)

I'm almost all Vata, a little Pitta, and pretty much zero Kapha. In a nutshell, that means my natural tendency is to be flighty, active, cold, and have dry skin. I have  a little Pitta - in my occasional aggressiveness.

What it means for me - is that i need to be organized. My natural habit is to be disorganized. To do a million things at once and be everywhere but nowhere. I get cold and dried out.

There are things I do that other people thing are insane, but I really need to do to balance my flighty, anxious self.

For example, I need to be warm. When I'm cold, I am miserable. And I absolutely hate air conditioning. It's cold and the fans are so drying. I love it when it's warm and humid - not hot and dry. I hate crackers and other crispy dry foods. I love to eat the fat on meat and chicken skin. I despise chicken breasts and prefer dark meat. I would rather eat all yolks and no egg whites.

I don't shower every day and it's not because I like to be a stinky beast. It's because I can't stand how dry it makes my hair and skin. I have to use lotion. HAVE TO.

If I don't keep a schedule, I get really anxious. I have trouble sleeping and I can't stop my brain from thinking. That means I am very routine about when I eat and sleep and if things get out of whack, my whole world crumbles. I also HAVE TO move. Non-stop sitting drives me bonkers. I also like change (but not in my furniture!) I like to constantly learn new things, meet new people, and move on from the old.

I am flighty and transient. Knowing all this has helped me to figure how what I should do in order to keep myself balanced and less "flighty."

It's all about balancing yourself. There are a number of resources online to help you figure out your Dosha and what you need to do to balance it.

It's worth finding out.

Think of it this way - if you looked at me and said (like many people unfortunately do) "how do you stay so skinny?" If I told you the truth, I'd say I move around a lot, I do all my own work (I call this doing my own "stunts" and that includes cleaning, raising kids, home repair, whatever comes up.) and I eat real food.

But if you asked what I ate - I'd tell you I eat a lot of fatty meats, butter, fruits and vegetables, eggs, and full fat dairy products (but not milk.) I would also tell you that I almost never eat crackers and very rarely chips. I don't eat cookies unless they are chewy, and I hate scones and any dried out gross scone like creation.

You'd probably be annoyed and realize that was never going to work for you. Unless you are a fat and skin eating Vata like myself. But if not, you need to eat to balance your OWN dosha (which would be some combination of the 3) and live the best way to balance your own life..

Balancing your dosha can lead to a more emotionally calm life, but will most likely lead to better health and a better body composition. Notice I didn't say skinniest body ever! Some people aren't meant to be "skinny." But no one is meant to be completely out of shape. You may be fit and still be a larger person. So what.

If you are healthy and happy and balanced, that's all that matters.

**BY THE WAY - this is NOT a sponsored post of any kind. I know I write a lot of paid posts, but this is just something I find genuinely helpful. I have been following a written plan to balance my dosha (one I created myself by using the sites linked in this post and others) for over a year and I am so much happier and healthier than I have ever been.


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