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A Few Books Every American Should Read

They say Americans are ignorant of geography and geopolitical concerns. Change that! We live in a big, interconnected world and what happens in Bangladesh, Sudan, or anywhere else matters in the United States.

Even more pressing - do you really know what is happening in your own country!??!!

On that note, I'm going to give you some book recommendations. I am constantly reading and have recently been fascinated by all the things I never knew I never knew. I was not a history major and I missed a lot...

An absolutely engaging book is Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. Ever wondered about Easter Island? Wonder why the Dominican Republic is wealthy and Haiti is poor when they share the same island??

What about the histories of Australia or Japan? Or the viscous genocides in Rwanda and Cambodia?

This book will teach you a lot about human beings. It's really interesting and you won't want to put it down.

On the same lines but way more devastating (and a lot more difficult to digest - read: smallest type font ever, single spaced, a million pages) is The Fatal Shore: The epic of Australia's Founding.

I had always heard that Australia was founded by prisoners. It's true - but it's much more detailed than that. This book will make you gasp. It will make you put down the book and question everything you thought you knew about civil societies.

It's graphic and detailed. Even if you've ever wondered about the landscape and creatures that used to roam the Australian wilderness, you'll find that and more in this book. Mostly, you'll learn the truth about European and Australian history. Maybe it will make you think about your own government and the way people treat one another.

Either way, it's a story that needs be told. Just be ready to read for a really long time.

If you read either of the two books mentioned above, your geopolitical interest will most likely be piqued and you'll want to read The Next Decade. This book gives you a glimpse of what might happen in the next ten years and gives a great understanding of why our "leaders" do what they do. Why do we have troops in certain strategic countries. Why are some countries our allies or our enemies? Why is unrest in the middle east a good thing for America?

There's more to free trade than just swapping products and this book will teach you all about the politics and strategies involved.

Once you've looked outside of our borders, it's time to focus on what's going on here at home. Before you vote in any election or run off to protest, you have a responsibility to be informed.  Know what you're protesting about. Understand why an economic agenda is good or bad. 

An easy way to get very good overall understanding is to read these two books from Peter Schiff: Crash Proof and The Real Crash.

About two chapters into Crash Proof, I turned to the front to look for the Copyright date. This book was published in February 2007 (written in 2006) and it reads as an exact detailing of the 2008 and 2009 market crash. 

It was prophetic and scary. The accuracy was out of this world. And of course, I was a young mom with babies and oblivious to it all - until 2012 - which was of course too late, or was it??

You'll wan to read The Real Crash for even more insight as to what might be happening right now (or very soon.) Will you get rich from either of these books? Probably not. But you will better understand what is really going on in our government, our stock markets, our economy, and the rest of the world.

The world is changing. It really is. We won't always be fat Americans that can buy whatever they want. Well...we might still be fat. But life is changing. You  need to be prepared. You need to be educated. 

If you are reading this blog post, then you can obviously read. Use that gift wisely and know about what's going on before you vote, protest, take on debt, or invest your money. Know the world you live in!


  1. These sound like heavy reading but you're right, we should know more about what goes on in the world and I'm going to check these out.


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