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The Couponizer - Review & #Giveaway

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I'd like to tell you I was organized and bought everything with a coupon, but it's just not the case. Coupons have always frustrated me. I lose them. I get to the store and realize - "I've got a coupon for that....and it's at home." Or I have the coupon with me, but it's somewhere in my purse.

Over the last few years, I have made baby steps toward being a more organized shopper. I even make a list every week. It's just that I lose that list 70% of the time. And I've gotten better at throwing away coupons right away if there is a slim chance I'll ever use them. That one step really cuts down on stress/clutter.

But what about the coupons I do save? They go in a zip bag in my purse. All lumped together. Some expired. Some stuck to each other....none of them organized.

In my quest for coupon sanity, I recently got my hands on the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Couponizer. To be honest, the whole concept scared me a little. I've seen the "coupon shows" and I know what "coupon binders" look like. I didn't want to haul a big binder full of coupons through the store.

Thankfully, the Couponizer wasn't a "binder". But it was pretty hefty. It can hold all of my coupons and more. The Couponizer is a bound booklet with 3 sections for coupons and sleeves for loyalty cards, shopping lists, coupon sorting mat, scissors and carrying bag.

Here are my thoughts:

  • The shopping list keeper rocks! I am always losing my shopping list and I love having it stuck in the binder. 
  • I think the loyalty card holder is fantastic. I can't tell you how many times I hand my kids my purse and ask them to dig for my loyalty cards just before I hit the register. It's sad. Now I can have them in one easy-to-find place. 
  • I gave the coupon sorting mat to my kids. They used it to make their own grocery lists. To me, it creates an "extra step" and isn't necessary.
  • I love that this set comes with a scissors and room to store it. I also added my calculator into this space. It's so nice to have everything right at hand
  • There is a ton of room for coupons and they are all organized by category. I will only keep coupons I'll actually use in here, so it should never be busting at the seams. In my opinion, there may be a few too many categories and I'd love to rip some of them out to make the booklet smaller. 
  • It's really cool that the binder has a separate restaurant, shopping, and rebates section. Having everything in one place is such an advantage!
I really liked this coupon organizer. I am hope, hope, hoping I can keep it organized and that I will be able to downgrade my shopping stress by using it. 

It is large (like a paperback book) and may not fit in all purses. I upgraded purses for the winter (bigger so it can hold mittens) and it fits the couponizer just fine, but it does not fit in my "usual"  purse. 

All-in-all, I think it's a great product and just might be what you need to get yourself organized. And organization does save money! 

You can buy the couponizer here for $19.99. You also have the chance to win one! One Suburban Jungle reader will win a Couponizer of their own. Fill out the form below to be entered to win.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. I love that it can store so many things in one place, but it's not as huge as a binder!

  2. I like the loyality cards holder

  3. Learned it's not just a coupon holder but a whole system!

  4. I like that the holder is COMPACT! :)

  5. I'm currently using a huge binder. I love that this isn't bulky!

  6. I love the whole concept of everything in one place. Lists, budgets, pockets, & a place for loyalty cards. Thanks

  7. I love all the organization abilities!

  8. I love that I can take all my coupons, and that they'd be organized, and I could take advantage of more bargains.

  9. That is a great way to keep everything together. Will end up saving more money just from being organized.

  10. I like that you can organize everything and track your purchases!

  11. I love everything about it!

    Amanda Leach

  12. The customer loyalty sheets are a pretty good idea!

    pages 4 life at

  13. I like that it would keep everything in one place.

  14. I like the size and that it does so much.

  15. I like that it categorized like the aisles of a grocery store

    dropcqueen at yahoo dot com

  16. I would love to have something that keeps me from digging in the bottom of my purse for a coupon I can't find. Love this product!

  17. I like the size of it, should fit in my shopping bag easily.

  18. I love the coupon organizer. That is my biggest problem when it comes to couponing. I can never find the coupon I need when I need it. This system appears to solve that issue.

  19. I am soooo disorganized when it comes to coupons -- everything is stuffed everywhere! So this would really help from an organizational standpoint! erinbdisney *at* hotmail *dot* com

  20. I also entered the Chex Prize Pack giveaway! erinbdisney *at* hotmail *dot* com

  21. I like the shopping lists. I hope I win!

  22. The Customer Loyalty Sleeves would really be useful.

  23. I love that it has compartment pockets for everything! And I love the size...not too big, not too small!

  24. The loyalty card holder is a great feature! I can never fit them all in my wallet.

  25. It's pretty awesome it's categorized like the aisles of a grocery store

  26. I really like the Coustacker. It would make it so much easier to sort my coupons and not get them all mixed up.
    fatmeatloaf1 at gmail dot com

  27. I like most the fact that the Couponizer is light and easy to carry and use...bulky coupon organizer aren't for me.

  28. I like that it is not bulky.

    Jennifer Marie

    lilnursejen at yahoo dot com

  29. I like the checkout pocket.

  30. having everything in one spot

  31. Having my coupons organized would be great!

  32. I love how simple it makes things. I'm going to order one soon if I dont win of course. I have stacks of coupons expiring right now. Then I stress about speeding too much at store because I didnt plan.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. It sounds like whoever came up with this organizer thought of everything. I like how it is so complete down to the scissors and even restaurant section.

  34. The coupon organizer looks like a life safer - I have done coupons in the past, but have really gotten in to it again and learned many more ways to save with coupons! I am really struggling with the organization and this would solve so many problems for me! Winning blessings to all!

    kwonagain at

  35. I love that it has so many compartments and that it comes with scissors!

    the imagine tree at aol dot com

  36. I want a couponizer for it's [erfect size, and the ability to move coupons for the current shopping trip to a handy spot by the shopping list.

  37. i really like that everything u could possibly need is right at your finger tips,planning,cutting and shopping are so easy

    stephanie p
    steffp1994 @ yahoo dotcom

  38. I am so excited to have won! Thank you!!! Just e-mailed you my info.


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