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If you're a mom that loves to be fashionable but you don't want to pay top dollar for brand name sunglasses, what do you do? Well, you could head to and pick out a cool pair of shades like I did. I had the chance to review the sunglasses seen in the photo above. When they first arrived, my husband was shocked! "You bought Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses?" he asked. Of course not! But they sure do look like it. Beyond the name brands, the selection was great. They had all the big, oversized glasses I prefer. They even had a "celebrity" section, so you could find pairs just like the one's you've probably seen on celebrities. But the best part is that all of their sunglasses have UVA/UVB protection! And there are a lot of pairs under $20! I'm happy with my new sunglasses. And if the neighbors think I spent a fortune, that's they're problem. *This is a Mamabuzz review. I was not compensated for this review but

Getting Organized: I finally own a purse!

This year, I'm going to get organized. No, it's not a New Year's resolution. I just finally feel like I'm coming back alive. I finally have regular breaks from my kids and housework and I feel like I'm starting to be me again. No more space-out moments, lost paperwork, and pockets full of keys. I went out of my "norm" and bought a purse. It's small, it's red, and it cost $4.24 (75% off clearance at Target.) I've been carrying the purse for about 2 weeks now and it's still intact. Nothing extra has been added, and I actually felt weird when I left it at home to go to my daughter's swim meet tonight! Yay! It's one of many steps I'm taking to organization. What's in the purse? Lip gloss, a few credit cards, my license, 2 vinyl coupon packets, my cell phone, and my car key. Woo! That's all I ever needed and as long as I can keep everything else out.....this carrying a purse thing just might work out well for me. **In

Zquiet Review

If your loved one is a snorer, than you'll want to take a look at ZQuiet . It's a natural, eco-friendly way to stop snoring. Basically, it's a mouthpiece that gently widens the airspace in the back of your throat - allowing you to breathe easier (and quieter.)  Read more about how it works here.  What did we think of it? First of all, what a great idea. My husband snores (sorry!) and as an insomniac, it can really take a toll on me. He's had a lot of success with the nasal strips but isn't really a fan of wearing (or buying) them. So we were excited to give this a try. But that's as far as we got. The ZQuiet holds your mouth slightly open and I couldn't take it. I couldn't stare at him with his mouth "slightly ajar" and he felt uncomfortable staying in that position. He probably could have gotten used to it and we may have had a snore free existence from here on out, but there was one other hindrance to his wearing the device. The box had

Need a unique Valentine's gift? DeOdor Works Review

Looking for something unique this Valentine's day? Well...unique would definitely describe product I recently had the chance to review. The product is De Odor Works . To tell you the truth, I love this product and had been wishing for something like it for quite some time. What is it? It's a stainless steel, bar shaped piece that naturally removes odors. I really like it for use in the kitchen after chopping garlic and onions (it works amazing!) but it's also great for cleaning up after working hard in the gym or garden. It uses no chemicals or soaps - just water. And it removes odors wonderfully! It's also long lasting. Aside from losing it, I don't really see how you'd ever need to replace it. I'd give this gift to any fitness junkie, foodie, or eco-friendly person. I'd also think about giving De Odor Works as a gift for teachers or for Mother's day. What mom couldn't use a high quality (chemical-free) answer to removing garlic, onions

Granola Gourmet Review

As a mother, I'm constantly frustrated by the sugar loaded snacks offered to children (and the rest of us!) I've been cleaning up our diets for quite some time and I'm always open to trying new things. Recently, I started buying protein bars for my husband to eat while he's traveling. They may be processed, but they sure beat fast food! And since I'm the primary shopper, I get to pick the ingredients. He loves having portable snacks that fill him up on the road, so a new interest in trying out energy bars began. I was sent a sample of Granola Gourmet energy bars. They were created by a Diabetic and his family, looking for snacks that didn't cause blood sugar spikes. Granola Gourmet bars are physician endorsed and made from 100% natural, vegan friendly ingredients. They contain no wheat, no dairy,no refined sugars, and very low sodium. They also contain 391-590 mg of Omega-3's and they're kosher. But how do they taste? We had the opportunity

Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream Review

So you want to get rid of your stretch marks? Me too. This month I had a chance to try the new  Apothederm  Stretch Mark Cream. As of this writing, it isn't even for sale yet!  I've been using the product for a little over 2 weeks on my stomach. Guess what? My stomach looks 20 times better! I wouldn't have believed it if it weren't my own body! Now, is my tummy perfect? Sadly, no. But my skin is less saggy, ripply, and wavy. Make sense?  This is the first time a stretch mark cream or lotion has even made a dent in my tummy scars.  According to the companies studies, 70% of people saw results in 2 weeks and 90% saw results in 12 weeks. I'm excited to see if the results keep getting better and better. Besides the fact that it's actually working, I also like that it's made with quality ingredients (shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, heptapeptide-7 with resveratrol (SmartPeptide), sodium hyaluronate, licorice and algae extracts) without

Want Flat or Six Pack Abs?

Okay, so if you're a mom like me, then you know how hard it is to get your body back after having kids. What's worse, is getting your abs back in shape. Recently, I've been researching alls sorts of dvds, web videos, books and fitness advice to find the perfect ab workout .  What is the key to a flat stomach? The answer I've found comes down to two simple things: low body fat and well developed muscles. And we all know how to achieve this. But is there as simpler way? If your body fat percentage is high, can you build enough muscle (i.e. crunch your way to extreme ab muscles) to make up for your higher than desired body fat? After all, increasing muscle mass does, in effect, lower your body fat percentage . Even if it doesn't decrease the overall fat content of your body, you'd have a higher percentage of lean body mass, and that's what really matters, right? Or do you diet and do extreme cardio to lose the fat and hope whatever muscle you have fina

Can you Hula Hoop Yourself Fit?

Hula Hooping - It's not just for kids! In fact, I love to spin a hoop. If you haven't added it to your exercise routine, I'd highly recommend it.  Is it a great workout? Sadly, I'm going to have to say....No. Or at least it's not a sweaty workout. But it is a lot of fun. I could hoop for hours (if the music is thumping). It does help tighten your core and improve your balance. The reasons to add it... Fun and variety.  I've found hooping to be a great activity to do between weight sets. Between sets, I either sprint, hoop, dance, or vacuum (**be advised that vacuuming can lead to more vacuuming and forgetting to get back to your workout - I don't recommend it!) Hula hooping is way better than "sitting down" and it's a great way to pass the time between sets. Just don't hoop yourself past 1 song or you'll have "rested" for a little too long.  The other huge benefits: you can do this with your kids. You can

How do you repair a Diastasis Recti? Bounce Back Fast DVD review

If you've recently had a baby (or even not so recently) then you are most likely familiar with the term: Diastasis Recti.   During my second pregnancy, the doctor's told me that I had a severe diastasis recti. Already being a mother at the time (read: too tired to notice my own problems), I never gave the doctor's comments much thought. In fact, I never even focused on getting back into pre-baby shape until my second child was 4 years old. So sad, right? many of us put our children first in everything, and in the end we really lose out. So around that four year mark, I ran my butt off (literally) but even when I made it back to my pre-pregnancy weight, my tummy was in rough shape. My body building friend said  never "work your ab muscles because it would just make your tummy bigger." So I didn't! I recently learned that I still have separation in my abdominal muscles. How could that be? It turns out that you actually need to work at healing

Good Bye Long Hair!

Imagine my surprise when I look in the garbage and see all this hair! Considering the length and color there are only two possible sources - me or my daughter. I knew it was hers immediately because she had mentioned that she wanted to cut some ice cream out of her hair. Apparently, washing it out was not an option! I was so angry that she disobeyed me but also really sad because she was going to need a serious haircut.  Four  year olds have the tendency to cut their hair to the scalp.  Many tears were shed as she learned that she'd be getting a short haircut. So many that I think she missed the part about being grounded from scissors.... There's never a dull moment.....
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Tropical Traditions Organic Golden Flaxseed: Review & Giveaway!

What can I say about Tropical Traditions Organic Golden Flax Seed? I love it! I know what you're thinking - flax seed is flax seed, right? Since I've been buying flax seed for a few years, I can tell you that the quality of flax seed does vary. When I received this flax seed from Tropical Traditions, I checked it over well. I'm picky like that. What I found was a good quality product. Very minimal amount of what I call "yucky seeds". You know, the little burnt looking brownish ones. In the grocery store bulk bins, they can be quite prolific. I smelled it, tasted it, and then ate it as usual. It was all good. I've found Tropical Traditions to be a reliable supplier of organic foods and they pay attention to packaging things correctly. My package of flax seed appeared to be vacuum sealed and light impermeable. That's the kind of care and attention that I love to see. In case your'e wondering why I eat flax seed (and why I think you s

ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror Review & Giveaway

Reviewing products is really fun, especially when you find a product you never knew you really needed. That happened for me this week when I had the chance to review the Fogless Shower Mirror from ToiletTree Products.  This product is wonderful! And I never knew we needed it....until we tried it. I never do face related things in the shower. I'm a get in and get out kind of girl. But my husband shaves in the shower. He uses a broken little mirror and somehow manages to make it out of the shower alive.  So I was hopeful that this product might make his life a little easier. First of all, it's an amazing size! You can see everything you need to see in this mirror (and nothing more, if you know what I mean!) It really doesn't fog up. It comes with silicone for attaching to your shower wall and even has a shelf to hold you razor, tweezers, sponges, whatever.  So the broken little mirror is out of our shower (all future hazards avoided!) and my husband can now

How many Calories are in a Banana?

How many calories does a banana have? How many calories are in 6 blackberries? I have been asking myself crazy questions like this for the last few days. Last week, I started to  count calories for the first time in my life. It's was exhausting and horrible. **In case you're wondering - a medium banana has about 105 calories** I survived the 6 days of calorie counting. I tried my best to only eat when I was hungry, to eat the correct portion size, and to say no to candy. Most days I averaged just under 2000 calories.  My lowest calorie day was 1837. I felt like I was starving on that day. Literally, starving! On all the other days, I was hyper-focused on food and was easily agitated. To be fair - I did lose 3 pounds in those 6 days and it was mostly fat (judging by my body fat calculating scale and by appearance). I also didn't lose any strength gains in the gym. But I still don't get it. An active 110 pound woman should eat between 1400-1800 calories (based on Review coming soon!

I'm excited to announce an upcoming review for . I will be reviewing the glycolic 40 medium strength kit and I'm so excited to share the results with you! Most women love to try new skincare products and I'm no different. I love AHAs and I'm thrilled to have found an online source of glycolic peels. The results will be posted soon! *No compensation will be received for this review. will be providing all review products.

Decorating your home with Clocks

I can't tell you why, but I am attracted to clocks. We have a big clock right above our kitchen pantry. I have artwork depicting Wall Clocks , I look at antique clocks at garage sales, I check them out at home stores. When we finished our remodeling project this year, the first thing I thought was - what kind of clock am I going to put in this space. It took everything in me to settle for the timer on the oven. Not the same, I know! Large Wall clocks are a favorite in my home. They look elegant; regal even. And clocks are great for any decorating style. I prefer traditional styling, but there are even amazing looking contemporary Kitchen wall clocks and really great old grandfather clocks. I think they add class to your home (much better than the oven timers and digital alarm clocks most of us have around our homes). Oh bother, now I'm thinking about other places to decorate with clocks. Somebody stop me!

60 Day SlimDown System with Lindsay Brin - Review and coupon code!

Are you a mom that wants to get her body back? Um...yeah! Then it's going to take work, and Lindsay Brin is the one to help you figure it all out. Commit to getting healthier and follow her 60 Day SlimDown System. The 60 Day SlimDown system includes 4 fitness DVDs, a fitness calendar, a Progress tracker, and a 3-phase nutrition plan. I had the chance to review the 60 Day SlimDown and here are my thoughts: First of all - let me just say that Lindsay's videos are fun and easy to follow. She really focuses on ab work and let's be honest, we all need it. I previously reviewed Lindsay's Shed 5 Fast and Postnatal Bootcamp 2 . You can read those reviews here . Both are great DVDs, but The 60 Day SlimDown system contains other great videos too. The 4 DVDs included are The Core Firing Sequence Method, Post Natal Boot Camp, Shed 5 Fast, and Core Metabolic Jumpstart. So, I know what you're thinking. 4 Great DVDs - but can I do them and how do I get started? Le

Counting Calories - WTF!?!?

In all of my thirty something years, I have never counted calories and I've never been on a "diet." For the most part, I've always eaten what I wanted when I wanted it. I've always thought that strategy was working for me, but maybe not. I had always had an affinity for "whole foods" but 2 years ago I let myself get sucked into the coupon world and bought all sorts of horrible items. Then I found The Omnivore's Dilemma  and I started back on a journey toward being my real self. We started eating better than ever, but like always I ate as much as I wanted. Recently, I thought I'd take a look at how much I was eating. For the first time in my life: I measured, calculated, and wrote down what I ate. HOLY CRAP! What I found out about myself was mind blowing . First of all, I said yes to candy (and chocolate!) more often than I care to admit. And even though I was eating super healthy foods 90% of the time, I was eating way too much of it.

The Results of 4 Months of Regular Exercise

I started exercising again on September 12, 2010. That was after a 9 month self-imposed hiatus. Arguably one of the dumbest decisions in my life, but that's how it goes sometimes. I started on September 12th because that was the first day that both of my children were in school. I was finally going to have regular "me time" and I knew that exercising was how I wanted to spend that time. I started out exercising just 3 days a week. Pretty low intensity. In fact, I was outraged by how much strength and endurance I had lost . After a month or so, I kicked my routine up to 4 or 5 days of exercise. And except for vacations and a nasty sinus infection, I have been consistently hitting the gym at least 4 days a week. Sometimes it's an intense workout, sometimes it's a moderate workout, and sometimes it's an all out ass kicking. I took "before" pictures and measurements. I haven't taken any "after" shots yet (since I can see the results in