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Tuna Treats - Reya's Vlog Review

When it comes to feeding my cat, I'm fairly picky. I'm not a fan of by-products, grains, additives, etc. When I got the opportunity to review CittyKitty's newest line of  TunaTreats , I quickly checked out the ingredients: 100% All Natural Bonito (Skip Jack Tuna.) Count me in! Our package of TunaTreats arrived on Christmas Eve, so we thought it would be fun to "give" them to Reya as a Christmas gift. I put the sealed box among all the other gifts. She was immediately interested in the box. She had shown very little interest in any of the other packages, and the TunaTreat box was not the only plain box. She could tell there was something inside that she wanted. She scratched, bit, and rolled at the box. I thought she was going to open "her gift" in the middle of the night. Since she's a tad lazy, we lucked out and got to watch her open it on Christmas morning. She was really, really interested! She wanted the package. And as soon as it was op

From Fat to Fit by Carole Carson

With New Year's only days away, I'm guessing that many of you have a resolution to get fit (lose weight, eat better, etc.) Sometimes the excitement of a new year or plans for the looming swimsuit season are enough motivation to get your "butt in gear." But if you need more motivation, let me recommend you take a look at From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself into a Weapon of Mass Reduction. I read this book on my multi-legged trip back from Hawaii. It served as a great way to pass the time and also doubled as a comfy pillow. The thing that struck me the most was the fact that Carole Carson (the author) was 59 when she first decided to take action against her sedentary lifestyle. If you've ever talked with a woman over the age of 40, they will often tell you that once you hit 40, it's over. Way over!  Don't ever plan on eating again. You will wear "mom jeans" and deal with it!  I've noticed, myself, that my body doesn't respond as quick

Family Vacation to the Big Island

We went to the Big Island of Hawaii in early December and are still getting back into our regular routine. For anyone that's ever wondered about Hawaii and/or traveling with young children, the Big Island is a great place to visit.  I'd recommend Oahu for older children (hike the Diamond Head volcano, hike through the rain forest, go para sailing, snorkeling, and try surfing), but I'd recommend The Big Island for people of all ages. We went as a group of six - my husband and I (early thirties), my husband's parents (fifties) and our two children (ages 4 and 6) and there was enough to entertain us all. The big island is a wild place. It's part of the United States, so there a lot of "normal" things you can count on like clean water, restaurants, regular money/phone calls/language, etc. But it's so very different from any other state.  The first thing you'll notice is that almost everything is covered in lava. Awesome! Miles and Miles (a

Heidi Klum for New Balance Fitness Clothing

I'm going to let you in the #1 Secret to having a great workout. Are you ready for it? You sure? It's all about the outfit. Really! What you wear when you workout has such an impact on your attitude, performance, and over all workout enjoyment. On the days that I meander to the gym in ratty sweatpants and a slouchy t-shirt, I exercise like a tired-out, ratty housewife. Even good tunes can't rescue a bad outfit. But when I dress the part, I am a machine in the gym! And it's not just me. I asked all twenty parents in my daughter's preschool class (17 of whom workout together at the club while their kids are in class. The other 2 are stay at home dads, and 1 refuses to work out - whatever!) They were all mortified that I workout at home. Total Eew! But that's another story. They all agreed that the outfit made the workout.  Knowing the importance of "the outfit" is, unfortunately, only half the battle. In my daily routine, workouts m

EdenFantasys Giveaway

When I first started blogging, I knew that I'd want to do product reviews. Who wouldn't? It's fun to try new products and I like talking about things I use in my regular life. I frequently come across blog reviews for Eden Fantasys and I often joke with myself about what I would do if I were offered a product to review from their site. Don't worry, you won't see any pictures of me in wild lingerie or any lingerie for that matter. Eden Fantasy's didn't ask me to do a review (phew!) but did offer to sponsor a blog giveaway. Always fun! I'm more than happy to offer a giveaway to my readers, but am a little ashamed at my inability to discuss intimate issues. I mean, come on! I'm a thirty something mom that has exposed all while giving birth and I frequently discuss money, religion, politics....all sorts of "taboo" topics. What's the big deal? Even clicking on their website made me feel like I had to hide my screen. But honestly

RainCoast Trading Tuna & Salmon Review

I have been in the market for a BPA-free canned tuna for quite some time. As luck would have it, RainCoast Trading offered me a chance to try their canned seafood products. Just reading about the products, I was already sold: Raincoast Trading sells premium, wild seafood products caught using eco-friendly fishing practices. They cook the seafood only once and pack them in their natural juices. No water or oil!  There are no additives or preservatives. No antibiotics or hormones. And no BPA in their cans. Awesome! But how did they taste. First, let me tell you that when I opened the can I was surprised. I'm used to draining out excess liquid and seeing a flaky fish left behind. There was very little liquid and the fish was just fish. It wasn't mushed up or flaked - just what fish is supposed to look like. It tasted great and scored huge points for being eco and nutritionally friendly. If you are in the market for a healthy, eco-friendly seafood option, I highly recommen

My first Chin up - Wahoo!

On the last day of our Hawaiian vacation, I noticed an obstacle course on the beach. So my children and I stumbled through it. The last "obstacle" was a bar that stated "do 10 chin ups." So without thinking, I grabbed the bar and successfully completed a full chin up. No cheating. No jumping or squirming. Just up and over. Wahoo! As soon as I let myself down, I thought - "Hey, why not try a pull up!" I've been slowly working toward an unassisted pull up for the last few months, so this was the perfect chance. I grabbed the bar and....almost, almost, kick, kick, kick, yay. Crap. I kicked my way to the top. Cheating - yes. But progress all the same. Try again, you say? By then my muscles were spent. Yes, I am a one chin up wonder. But I have never been able to complete a full pull up or chin up (cheating or not) and I am so excited about my progress. I came back home from the vacation with a renewed fire for progressive overload and hit the gym

Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent Review and Giveaway

It's no secret that I like Seventh Generation products. I've tried their dish detergent, toilet bowl cleaners, bathroom and multi surface cleaners, baby wipes and diapers, and even their laundry detergent. I like them because they list their ingredients, use less toxic chemicals, and they really work.  So when My Blog Spark asked me to take a look at their laundry detergents, I gladly accepted.  They asked me to take a look that their detergent versus my "usual" detergent to show that Seventh Generation does not use optical brighteners in their detergent.  So what's the big deal? I'm not really sure but optical brighteners are just one extra chemical (toxic or not?) that I'd rather not put into my clothing, my body, or our environment.  Take a look at these "black light" results. It's clear that Seventh Generation doesn't use optical brighteners, and as I've said before, they are one of the few companies that actuall

Progresso Soup Can Commericals Giveaway

Soup can be a very healthy part of any balanced meal, and Progresso soups make creating dinner so easy. I've noticed a trend in Progresso soups to not only offer a large variety, but also to offer lighter soups, lower sodium soups and soups with increased fiber.  One thing I've also noticed are the funny Progresso soup commercials. You know the ones where people call on the soup can phones and complement the chef.  My Blog Spark sent us a soup can phone and a Progress soup kit to make our own fun commercial. I was so excited about it since I thought my kids would love being part of this. And they did. They loved it to death. Within a few short minutes of playing "phone" with each other, they had dismantled the phone and built something out of the  parts!! But alas, we still got to try some yummy soups and I've enjoyed having a new spoon rest and can rack.  My Blog Spark would like to offer one Suburban Jungle reader their own Progresso Soup kit. 

Welcome to 2008 - TechnoGrandma Gets and Ipod Touch!

Well, it finally happened. I have entered the world of iPod Touch owners. I would have never predicted it, but it just made sense. I can't tell you how many review opportunities I receive (paid even!) for Ipod Touch apps, and I always have to turn them down. Not anymore! Besides - maybe I can actually become a better blogger since I'll be able to check my blog emails and send out tweets while I'm away from the computer....which just so happens to be 99% of the day, just saying.  Well - here's to investing in this little bitty blogging world.

EZ Sox Review

Dressing little kids can be a ton of fun...unless you happen to have a child that's sensitive to seams, labels, sock bunching..... I happen to have a child that takes sock perfection seriously. We have battled for years over shoes and socks that bunch, squeeze, wiggle too much, and on and on. When I first heard about EZ Sox, I was excited to give them a shot. The company generously sent me a pair of pink EZ Sox for her to try. Since pink is her favorite color, I thought we'd be good to go. But, alas, the pink pair features the face of a pig and we spent at least an hour debating the fact that she "hates pigs" and would "never be seen in something with a pig on it.". "Didn't I know her at all? She would obviously prefer a cat face...." And on it went until I wrapped the socks up and told her I'd have her cousin try them out for me. She eventually softened, stole the socks, and came running out with them - declaring them to be hers.

Cinnamon Burst Cheerios Review

There's a new Flavor of Cheerios - Cinnamon Burst Cheerios! As far as cereals go, I love Cheerios, so I get excited whenever a new flavor comes out. Regular Cheerios is still my fave but only because Berry Burst Cheerios went away shortly after I discovered it. So sad, but Cinnamon Burst Cheerios just may be a viable contender.  Check out this video of my family trying out new Cinnamon Burst Cheerios. So what did we think of new Cinnamon Burst Cheerios? It was a yummy tasting cereal. My kids liked it but it did have one big drawback. The cereal really made the milk taste syrupy - way too sweet and so none of us wanted to drink it.  If we were to buy this cereal in the future (and we very well may) then it's definitely a mixer. I'd mix this with regular Cheerios the same way I mix Honey nut cheerios with regular.  At 9g of Sugar per serving it's not too bad. I prefer to stick with cereals under 8g of Sugar per serving, but that would easily be accomp

Gaggle of Chicks - Deal Seeking Site

You've most likely seen a whole host of deal sites popping up lately. I have and I've found some great deals using them. One of the newest ones is Gaggle of Chicks. Just like the other sites, Gaggle of Chicks offers a daily deal that needs to be "hatched" before it goes live. From what I've seen, it usually only requires a small handful of people to hatch a deal (3-10 has been my experience.) What makes Gaggle of Chicks different is the focus on mom related products. I've been checking this site for the past few weeks and have seen everything from massages, vinyl wall lettering, personalized books, toys, lotions, and keepsakes. It appeals to me and most likely appeals to other moms. So...have I bought anything on Gaggle of Chicks? Yes! A great deal popped up for a toy I wanted to get my daughter. It turned out to be 50% less than if I had purchased it in a store - and with free shipping. To be honest, the initial purchase was a little hairy. The coup

You have great teeth!

I may have better teeth than a hippo - but we're even when it comes to the "cheeks," lol Doctor's always tell me crazy things. I think they feel like they have to make compliments to have good bedside manner. I don't know. Recently, my current gynecologist commented on how strong my abs were. Sweet. A former gynecologist once gave me a different compliment..... hence the use of the word former . And just the other day, my dentist and her hygienist went on an on about my teeth. They were so impressed by the health and color of my teeth. Especially for my pale skin tone. Okay, weird, but you know what - I'm going to own it. I don't feel good about my appearance all that often, so I'm going to take the teeth compliment to heart. I have a good friend that has the best abs of all time. She has three kids and abs that could put any fitness model to shame. But she's sensitive about it. A bunch of girls were commenting on how awesome she looked